Sample English Response Journal on The story by Pat Betard

The story by Pat Betard is very inspiring. Her recovery from alcoholism and overcoming a traumatizing family history is just monumental. I can relate to her having a father who was hooked to alcoholism. It is interesting that he was the one to inspire her not to give up, and that it was never too late to change. Most parents that are addicts are never on good terms with their children who are against their habits. The cordial relations that Pat had with her father and their common interests are amazing.

Having been an addict herself, Pat understands exactly what her clients go through. Her principle regarding the dedication of the patients to the program sounds somehow harsh. After giving it some thought I have come to see the sense in having the addict being more committed to change as opposed to the social worker. If the social worker seems to work harder than the client in need, then the chances of success are lowered.

Betard has an intriguing ability to forge good relationships with her clients. She gets involved in the personal lives of her patients and assists them where possible, even when it is outside her domain. She must be a darling to many. She informs the client beforehand what to expect and minces not her words. This must catch these clients off-guard, as they are used to being cajoled by sweet-talking social workers that never deliver what they promise. The many groups that Pat trains including her peers are a testament to her expertise and experience gained over the years. Her realization that she may not change the system but can change the life of her clients positively is a sign of self-actualization.