Sample English Response Essays on What Do Medical Social Workers Do?


In the article, What Do Medical Social Workers Do?, I learned some very informative facts and the role that social workers play in the medical field. They are tasked with important duties, for instance, providing highly resourceful services to patients and families. These services are intended to help relieve any hardships that they may be going through while under medical treatment. Medical social workers also provide services that ultimately help develop a healthier wellbeing. While working with their clients, social workers must attain qualities like, empathy, patience, and compassion.

Medical social workers are responsible for the following work activities, patient intake screening, patient counseling and education, discharge planning, and patient advocacy (“What Do Medical Social Workers Do?”, 2021). Another aspect I learned about social workers in the medical setting is the requirements and what it entails to actually become a medical social worker. Active medical social workers must be a master of social work graduate, maintain licensure/certification, two years work experience related to psychosocial factors, and comply with the NASW Code of Ethics (“What Do Medical Social Workers Do?”, 2021).

There are many careers within the subfield of medical social work, and locations settings. Some career paths one can steer towards is, family therapist, community coordinator, mental health counselor, and clinical program manager. All these fields may consist of a location setting of a hospital, rehabilitation center, hospice center, assisted living, or health care centers (“What Do Medical Social Workers Do?”, 2021). The field of social work has shown to be quite vast.



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