Sample English Poem Analysis on Find Work

Poem Analysis on Find Work

The poem Find Work is a sonnet that is dedicated to the persona’s grandmother. The poet, making use of various styles communicates the desired imagery simultaneously making the poem enjoyable as well. In the first line, the persona does not out rightly tell the audience that he or she is talking about the grandmother ‘…My mother’s mother…’ Rather, the persona leaves the task of deducing that the person described must be the grandmother to the reader by appealing to the relationship between the persona and the subject of the poem. The use of alternating rhymes grants the poem an outstanding structural style. ‘…young…fruit…tongue…mute…do-…grief…true…belief…’, alternating rhymes are used in all but the last two lines of the poem where the rhyme scheme is a couplet instead ‘…bone…shone…’.

The persona has made use of metaphors to describe the deceased children of the grandmother as well as her husband ‘…first love…first fruit…’, a metaphor is also used to describe the grandmother’s way of speech or accent ‘…country tongue…’.  The audience is led to understand the stoic nature of the grandmother by the adjectives used in the poem such as ‘…anaesthetized…passionate…in her prime…much composure…’. She is also described as heroic and a perfectionist, this can be drawn from the way she encourages the persona and others around her who are in grief to ‘find work’. This perfectionist nature is relatable to many, as stated in the last two lines of the poem where it is mentioned that the grandmother would scrub the floors white as bone and had the dishes shining painfully. The poet manages to portray their grandmother as a universal figure that is both heroic and at the same time recognizable to any reader that has a grandmother.