Sample English Paper on “Woodstock”

Paglia’s Introduction

Paglia introduces the text using attention catching phrases that make it easier for the reader to understand and get the urge to know more about the song and the real meaning of the song. From Paglia’s viewpoint, the song is a major hit, and the lyrics are a representation of some of the best-composed songs that echoed its message across various generations. In the beginning, she says, ‘Woodstock is known worldwide as a lively, hard-driving hit single’ (Paglia 870).

Paglia’s Reading Shaped by the Fact That a Woman Wrote This Song

Paglia is intrigued with the song and the content of the song and is even more enthusiastic since it is a composition of a woman. To Paglia, the integration of the personal experience of Mitchell in the song spices up the song increases the content and even makes it look better in terms of presentation and development. Paglia mentions, “The song’s treatment by a male supergroup automatically altered it” (Paglia 872). This is an indication of Paglia’s disappointment that when a male band took the song, they failed to maintain the standards and originality of the song thereby altering the value of the song and content.

Importance of Considering a Text’s Author

An author’s text offers an opinion/ perspective that can be considered in understanding the content of the literature or the themes being presented. An author’s text helps to simplify the literature material while projecting the content and the specific elements within the text that are of importance in understanding the text more deeply.

Paglia’s Social Context of the Song

Paglia mentions that the song was a journey of self-evaluation. The composers of the song, throughout the journeys took it upon themselves to know more about themselves, their audiences, and the people close to them. Paglia mentions, ‘By the time we got to Woodstock/ we were half a million strong’ (Paglia 873). The statement represents the huge social appeal of the song and the considerable support it received from fans that were eager to know more or connect with the artists.

Different Interpretation If the Song Was Written and Performed Today

If the song was to be written and performed today, the interpretation of the song would slightly change. She would want to consider the sound, the composition in relation to the theme of the song, and the impact that the song would have among the listeners. With the technology advancement, Paglia would have considered the song a simple presentation.



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