Sample English Paper on Using Bod Pod to measure your BMI

Bod Pod

What are your thoughts on the using the Bod Pod to measure your BMI?

The emergence of different technologies in the health sector has over the years resulted in improved services across the different sections of human health. The Bod Pod is an Air Displacement Plethysmography (ADP) that utilizes the entire body densitometry in determining its composition of various materials including fats.  Notably, my understanding this new technology is that measures body mass and volume using a precise scale. By sitting inside the Bod Pod, the machine can be able to calculate the body density. After determination of the total body mass, the technology is used to calculate the total body fat and lean. However, this differs from other forms of measurements such as underwater weighing, since it uses air to determine the overall volume of the body. Essentially, to achieve accurate measurements, the volume of air in the lungs as well as the effects of the skin’s surface area, is determined. As such, I think that the use of the Bod Pod presents a unique and more efficient technique of measuring BMI as it gives accurate measurements that can enable proper evaluation of the body. Additionally, the measurements acquired from this technology help in determining the type of diet or physical exercise that an individual needs to engage in so as to control both the mass and fats content of the body.  I believe that using this technology increases the effectiveness of medical practitioners as it gives an in-depth and accurate analysis that can help in analyzing the conditions of the patient.

What was most surprising about your experience with the Bod Pod and having your BMI measured?

My first experience with the new technology of the Bod Pod presented numerous surprises that made me question the effectiveness of the other technologies. It also increased my understanding on the importance of modern technology in health care. Firstly, the total time that the machine took to complete the evaluation was minimal. I sat in the Bod Pod for only three minutes during which the door opened and shut for the trial. All in all, the machine took around 10 to 14 minutes to carry out various evaluations such as goal setting and the review of the results. The time was, therefore, shorter than any other methods of BMI evaluation. All through the process, I sat quietly, comfortably, and breathing normally, while the machine performed its work. I could also hear wave sounds and experience constant pressure changes in the Bod Pod. Prior to the testing, I was instructed not to take any food, drink or perform any kind of exercise three hours before the test. I was further advised not to apply any lotions or skin creams due to the sensitivity of the entire exercise.

Did you learn anything from this experience that will help you with your current and future personal wellness goals?

Through the investigation and the different measurements obtained from the exercise, I learned various lessons that helped me understand the importance of good health. Some of the lessons that I learned were how to lose excess body fat and increase lean muscle mass. Fundamentally, a combination of a well-balanced, nutritious diet, along with a consistent exercise routine seems to be the most effective way to get rid of excess fats in the body. On the other hand, an individual must not consume less than 1200 calories in a day and so it is advisable to involve a physician in the weight loss program. This lesson also helped me differentiate the types of food that a person should consume to remain healthy and maintain desirable levels of fat and mass. Moreover, I learned that the best technique to use in controlling lean mass is through resistance training that will help in the vigorous growth of muscles and burning of excess calories.