Sample English Paper on The Influence of Michael Jackson

My favorite musician of all time is Michael Jackson. I first heard about him from my father when I was a small boy. Being Saudi Arabian and with insufficient command of the English language early on, my father suggested that I listen to Michael Jackson to improve my English language skills because that was what he did to improve his. When I asked him why he loved Michael Jackson, he said that the musician reminded him of his life in America and American friends. True to my father’s belief listening to Michael Jackson helped me to learn new words and kept me entertained. While many may not agree, I feel that he is not only the best musician of all time but also the smartest, given his ability to influence people from all cultures and ages to love his music.

One of the reasons that I like Michael Jackson’s music is that it is ahead of its time, which explains why I, a 25-year-old person, is at a position to identify with it decades after the prime of Michael Jackson’s career. He helped to pioneer the pop genre, and with his energetic performances, his music automatically appealed to all those who listened to it or watched him perform live. Even after his death, his music continues to be embraced by people of all ages and walks of life.

Michael Jackson is mostly remembered by some for his moonwalk dance, which made his performances unique. He would perform this dance while wearing his hat in a signature style and with a white glove on his right hand. People loved the moonwalk so much that they did their best to master it and show it off when his music was played. Other musicians adopted the move and even incorporated it into their music videos and live performances. Surely, the mental image of Michael Jackson performing will be etched in the memories of his fans forever.

While it is hard to choose a favorite song of Michael Jackson, I have a song to go with every mood. When I’m feeling down, and in need of a song to energize me, I tend to listen to Hold My Hand.  In this song, he features Akon. Unfortunately, it is one of the last records which he did before his demise. However, the song’s mellowness is not the only thing that makes me love it. Its lyrics are uplifting, making the song so powerful that it makes one think about the bright side of a situation instead of the dark one and envisage a better tomorrow than today. When I am energized, I like listening to Man in the Mirror. The song, like many of Michael Jackson’s, raises my spirits and compels me to stand and dance. When relaxed, I tend to listen to Thriller. Considering the stories I had heard about the song and the time when it was released, I believe this will always be a favorite to many. Foremost, the appeal of the music video for Thriller never fades. It goes a long way to show that the level of effort that Michael Jackson put into his music can hardly be matched by modern day recording artists.Additionally, the makeup in this video is such that it gives lifelike features to the zombie characters featured (Graves 101). It has been argued by many that the music video Thriller played a big role in increasing the popularity of the zombie film genre (Graves 101; Mustang Sally-Wilson et al.). Hence, the artistry of Michael Jackson transcends beyond the music industry, influencing pop culture in its entirety.

The influence of Michael Jackson is evident in much of the music that is released today. One artist who seems to borrow the influence of the legendary musician is Bruno Mars. From the melody of Bruno’s songs to his attires, dancing styles, and even the format of his recent music videos, it does not take a genius to identify the influence of Michael Jackson. He even goes as far as adding a ‘70s’ feel to the music videos, creating an association between his music and that of Michael Jackson. The fact that Bruno is an African American pop musician only makes it easier for the contemporary musician to emulate his legend. Other artists that Michael Jackson has influenced include Justin Timberlake, Madonna, and Lady Gaga (Herbert 32; Lois 29). The fact that all these artists have achieved phenomenal success in the past 20 years goes far to show that his success transcends generations.

The products that have since been based on his identity range wide. For instance, fashion designers were quick to take advantage of the fact that people liked Michael Jackson’s style, featuring a short jacket with many zippers, skinny pants, and a right-hand glove. Such As the youth seeking to look like Michael Jackson, many sought the services of hairstylists to have their hairs styled like that of the pop legend. In the end, everyone in the pop culture, from filmmakers to music producers, artists, stylists, and dancers all had something to emulate from the identity of Michael Jackson. Considering that the pop legend’s influence is still noteworthy, almost a decade after his death, it is expected that he will continue to have a lasting impact on both his fans and the artists he helped influence. For me, however, he will always be the person whose music entertained me while helping me to improve my command of the English language, just like it did my father.


Michael Jackson is one of the most renowned pop stars of all time. He was a pioneer of pop music as we know it today and had an important influence on other aspects of pop culture, including the film industry.  He also influenced many practitioners in the industries of fashion and dance. His iconic moonwalk dance is one of the reasons that most people will remember him for. The energetic manner in which he performed his songs will be etched into the memories of his fans for decades. Personally, I am at a position to identify with Michael Jackson’s music because I have listened to it since I was a boy. Under the guidance of my father, I sampled Michael Jackson and used it as an educational tool. Michael Jackson’s music taught me new vocabulary, thus helping me to improve my command of the English language. To date, his music serves as a source of entertainment. From his large collection of songs, I have a specific tune for every moment. For instance, I use Hold My Hand in times when I’m feeling down, and I always feel uplifted.

Michael Jackson’s has undoubtedly inspired a majority of contemporary pop artists. Some of the artists that have quoted the legendary musician as their influence include Justin Timberlake, Lady Gaga, and Madonna. However, one artist who has made it no secret that he admired Michael Jackson is Bruno Mars. Evidence can be drawn from the style he uses in his songs, the manner in which he dances, and the format of his music videos. Without a doubt, Michael Jackson is one of the best artists of all time, as well as the smartest.




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