Sample English Paper on Structure of an Effective Form of Advertisement

The advent of developed and advanced technology has revolutionized the aspect of marketing in today’s business world. The modern digital age has provided businesses with a myriad of ideologies and techniques that they utilize with the intent of cutting an edge over the rest of their fierce competitors. One of the companies that have managed to retain its glory ever since the ancient days is Coca-Cola Company. Coca-Cola Company is a renowned company popularly recognized for its manufacture of soft drinks.  Coca-Cola is one of the world’s largest beverage company that has existed for 127 years since its invention. Coca-Cola is certainly one of the most recognized beverage brands worldwide. Coca-Cola has also been known for its stellar marketing strategies that mainly rely on advertising. Coca-Cola uses advertisements as a primary means of informing, persuading, and influencing people to purchase Coca-Cola range of products.  Commercial advertisements have proved to be a fundamental tool for supporting the free-market economy. Advertisements play a critical role in presenting the information of a given company’s product with the ultimate intent of persuading potential customers to purchase the products. Through this, Coca-Cola Company has been able to retain its vast customers whilst attracting millions and millions of potential customers worldwide. This paper is thereby written to discuss the form of advertisement used, the audience, the author and the key message conveyed.

The Author

Advertisements are known to have high commercial values.  Over the recent past, Coca-Cola has had a series of advertisements that alternate with time. The author of the commercial media advertisements is known to utilize attractive slogans that capture the attention of masses from diverse parts of the world. The author uses the English language to persuade and convince customers to purchase Coca-Cola products. The author skillfully uses his slogans to move the audience from a state of skeptics to a state of agreement. The author also employs the use of brand advertising with the integral motive of achieving a higher level of consumer recognition of Coca-Cola brand. The author also formulates a script to be used by actors who play the role of conveying the advertisement message through acting. Media advertisement that incorporates acting or drama is more effective as it captivates, lures, and informs the customers on the need of purchasing Coca-Cola products. This enables the author to attain his/her objective of increasing the volume of profit from the sale of Coca-Cola products within a short period of time. To be effective, it is compulsory for the author to develop a script and slogan that does not contradict the culture, traditional beliefs, and norms of the target audience. It is for this profound reason that the Coca-Cola company advertisement authors were wearier on creating gender and racial balance on their advertisement. Through this, the authors were able to persuade the diverse potential customers from different parts of the globe. The authors are also responsible for making Coca-Cola adverts that are incongruent with global social norms. Some of the notable authors who have constantly put remarkable effort into building a robust brand name for Coca-Cola company include; Bill Backer,  Roger Greenway, Billy Davis among many other notable authors. Some of the authors formulated Coca Cola’s advertisement slogans by retrieving influential sentiments from customers who were enjoying bottles of Coca-Cola soft drink whilst expressing their satisfaction with the good quality of Coca-Cola company’s beverage products. The authors use real-life case scenario to elicit a positive emotional reaction from its vast audience who would develop an instant and long-term desire to purchase Coca-Cola range of products. In essence, the authors of the Coca-Cola company advertisements have effectively helped the company to widen its profit margin with the unprecedented increase of sales volume. Some of the popular Coca-Cola slogans include; taste the feeling, open happiness, the coke side of life, make it real, real among many other popular slogans that used during the traditional era.

The Audience

Coca-Cola Company utilizes commercial advertisement to not only create but also increase the demand for its range of carbonated and non-carbonated soft drink products.  Coca-Cola does not have a specific target audience as most of its customers differ with age, race, beliefs, or social class. This is because most of Coca Cola’s series of beverage products are fit to be drunk by children, teenagers, adults, and the elderly. In addition, Coca-Cola soft drink products are cost friendly and affordable for a vast majority of people coming from all walks of life. The large demographics of the target population direct Coca-Cola Company to employ the use of media advertisement through televisions and radio commercial broadcasts. This allows the company to reach all its potential customers who are living in different and divergent parts of the world. The advertisement also utilizes simple, memorable, and attractive slogans to capture the attention of a vast majority of its customers. The TV commercial advertisements are more effective in comparison to other forms of media advertisement simply because they evoke all kinds of emotions to the customers who would be ultimately persuaded to purchase the Coca-Cola products.  The background music, the short-acting scenarios, the original red bottle shaped Coca Cola Coke product, the attractive background colors, and slogans allow the company to capture the attention of many viewers. To add to this, the company has been known to use music in a bid to promote Coca Cola’s brand name and brand affinity. The company thereby uses music and advertisements to fulfill its mission of refreshing the world with creativity, happiness, and optimism.

The Text

An advertisement fails to be effective if it lacks a theme. It is for this profound reason that Coca-Cola advertisement uses slogans to create a unique theme that applies to its nonspecific target audience. The specific text used to create the unique theme and slogans are unique, captivating, relatable, and outstanding. This is because the texts are to be used for a prolonged period to serve for advertisement as well as for marketing of all Coca Cola’s products. This helps in building a strong connection between the theme and Coca Cola’s brand name. In addition, the Coca-Cola Company text logo remains outstanding due to its bold red Spenserian script that differentiates the company’s logo from the rest of its competitor companies. The Coca-Cola Company’s logo has remained the same for the past century thus its worldwide recognition.


In conclusion, an advertisement is certainly an instrumental tool that continues to promote Coca-Cola’s level of profitability. Through media advertisement, Coca-Cola Company has been able to retain and attract new customers from all corners of the world. This has allowed the company to expand exponentially thereby reaching a high number of its customers from different parts of the world. The use of advertisement as a key marketing strategy has enabled Coca-Cola to build a robust brand name for itself. This has helped the company to gain trust and loyalty from its customers. Therefore, advertising with the right text, theme, and slogan has allowed Coca-Cola Company to retain its iconic brand name and its remarkable success.