Sample English Paper on Role Model in the Family

Role Model in the Family

Many people have role models in their lives. Some of the role models in people’s lives are musicians and politicians. Being a role model to another person is not only about exhibiting exemplary behavior and character but also playing a crucial role in other people’s lives molding and guiding them on how appropriately they should relate or interact with others. To me, a role model is a person who shapes the personality of others by creating a positive impression on their lives. Besides, I believe that a role model is someone I can easily approach and talk to about my problems with an expectation of getting the right piece of advice. A perfect role model for my family is my dad. My dad has often built a strong relationship with the family, been forgiving, and has been respectful to himself, the family, and others.

As the family’s role model, my dad has significantly influenced the lives of the entire family through the warm and nurturing relationship he has built with us. He always supports the family by giving us unconditional love in a safe environment (Peter, n.d., p.7). As such, firm and consistent discipline has been portrayed all along by the family members. Moreover, he has been in the forefront of keenly listening to issues that arise within the family without being upset. The entire family has learned from him as he shares some of the choices and decision-making examples whenever any family member brings forward any disturbing issue. His choices and decision-making processes have guided me to solve adverse life situations that I encounter. My dad has also been sharing with us exciting things such as playing sports together and watching movies. The family has built trust and can count on him whenever they face any challenges.

As the family’s hero, dad has always portrayed forgiveness. He accepts that nobody is perfect and we are all bound to make mistakes. Thus, whenever we make mistakes, he lets us know that errors are opportunities for learning more about life situations. He also has the attitude of forgiveness and being responsible whenever one makes a mistake. It has so far helped the family to go through the steps and guidelines he outlines for one not to make the same mistake (Peter, n.d.). I love my dad for he usually acknowledges a misstep whenever he makes a mistake. He often accepts his mistake, apologizes to the hurt party, and makes the necessary amends. This has motivated me to be taking responsibility whenever I make a mistake.

As the family’s role model, dad has always been respectful to himself, to the family, and others. He often introduces us to essential topics such as education and sports that we often discuss as a family. I have emulated his self-respect. Moreover, he often treats family friends and strangers well by being kind and respecting them. This is alongside showing respect to the entire family by always listening to us whenever we have something to say.

My dad’s actions have reshaped the entire family in how they approach different life situations. We are always committed to showcasing sacrifice and hard work in our endeavors thanks to our dad’s influence. His efforts have enabled us to focus on being better people every day, and I often seek advice from him when I need to make a significant decision in my life.




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