Sample English Paper on Retake of ECON 301

English Paper on Retake of ECON 301

In life, there are some instances that will force you to divert attention from your education which can result in failure. I was a victim of the same while I was taking ECON 301; I had a family emergency which forced me to travel back home to China. It meant that I had to miss some of my classes and ECON 301 was among them. ECON 301 is a complex course which demands proper attention, and the possibility of one failing in the course becomes very high if attention is not paid. Since I couldn’t pass the course, I decided to repeat it to achieve a better grade.

The main reason why I believe that repeating ECON 301 will make me more successful is, because I can completely focus on my studies without any external factors disturbing me. At the same time, repeating this course will help me in raising my average grade points. Also, I am aware of my instructor’s expectations and his style of teaching. In this regard, I will try my best to follow his teaching style to meet all the expectations that would help me in improving my performance.

While retaking this course with the aim of succeeding in it, I ensure that I understand what the subject entails in detail. I plan to take this opportunity seriously by putting in extra and maximum time on studying. With no impending incidents in my personal life, it will be easier for me to manage my classes and be mentally prepared to repeat the course. This will give me a chance to perform better than when I initially took ECON 301.