Sample English Paper on Reasons and objectives for A University Transfer

Going to the US for studies has been actually something that has never lingered in my mind. However, I have realized that going overseas to study can offer me greater chances for my business studies pursuits. Thus, I have decided to fight my doubts and fears and try them. Initially, when I got admission into the University majoring in Business Administration, I was happy. The school had a good reputation as a decent college and seemed to offer the school experience that I have ever anticipated for a long. Unfortunately, some issues emerged later. As a person who grew up in an urban State, I have never expected myself not to have an opportunity to frequently pay a visit to various exhibitions, shows, concerts as well as other events that every big capital seems to encompass in abundance. While attending the University, I ended up spending an extended period of time on the campus, since there were only a few events in the city that corresponded with my interests (Grove 23).

The lecturers teaching the class are incredible and, even as the studies are hard to some extent, I never apologize for my decision. Indeed, I cannot say any bad thing concerning any of the lecturers I have met while in this college. However, it is the life on the campus, the typical academic experience I was initially looking for, which seemed not to fit me. For example, I came to realize that football sports and unavoidable Friday night social gatherings were not things I was concerned with, which have been a huge part of the university life, and also living in the college in a somewhat built-up place is limited in many ways. Again, the classes are not very challenging and in fact, I have desired for first-class university education. Therefore, in my desire for a deeper understanding of business, I realize the best initiative is to look for a university that offers the best Business Administration programs nationwide. I am planning to take advantage of every resource available to my future colleagues as well as chances for volunteer jobs or research projects so as to have an exclusive business experience. The University should have an excellent place for studying business courses in order to enable me to grow and improve my career. The business programs at the University should fit my professional objectives of working as a Business Administrator in one of the best companies around (Anonymous 12).

Even though I do not feel like leaving our club, my friends, my relationships with lecturers, and with the campus behind, I believe it is a good time for me to take a step forward. I adore the idea of Cooperative Education, which I know from a different university will allow me to merge skills and knowledge learned in the school with real-world practices. Moreover, since I am interested in globalization as well as international business, I need the best place for me to study and where thorough researches are done in this field so as to prepare me best for a career in global business management. What I anticipate achieving after the transfer is getting a more appropriate atmosphere for my development as a student, and to dedicate more concentration towards my career. I strongly consider that I will have a university situated in an active place that has a creative and diverse student body that allows the learners to explore their desires while not being divided from the environment outside the school compound (Robinson 17).


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