Sample English Paper on Personal Introduction

Subject: A Personal Introduction

I am [student Name], a junior year student in the department of Sociology/ Criminology. I have always had the desire to be a parole officer. The roles entailed in this job are different from those of probation officers: while a parole officer supervises those released after serving part of their prison sentence, the probation officer supervises those who were sentenced to probation rather instead of incarceration. My interest in this career is founded on my desire to see effective reintegration of sentenced people into society. The fact that most people who are eventually released undergo the process of integration makes it necessary for parole officers not only to follow the behavior changes but ensure that the environment around released people favors the behavior change. I have a strong desire to adopt this perspective in my role as a parole officer, and I believe that this and other courses  that I am currently taking will enable me to achieve my objective. I will thus contribute to the society by enhancing the re-integration of the previously sentenced individuals..

I believe that taking the Immigration 357 sociology class will help me learn various aspects of the U.S. immigration, including the processes and patterns of migration. I would like to understand the political, social, historical, and structural contexts associated with immigration and how they contribute or limit crime. I also hope to learn the link between immigration and the existing social institutions. In this way, I will be able to apply the knowledge gained regarding the cultural integration process, which will be of great benefit to my society. The financial implications of my social role will help my family live without struggling.