Sample English Paper on Personal Development Plan

Introduction and Background

Personal development plan effectively distinguishes an individual from others because it spells out a list of traits that is often unique and makes up the personality of an individual. For managers, it is the unique characteristics that make them be able to lead others and provide leadership to stir an organization forward. As a leader, it is imperative to identify key areas and strengths that make a person succeed in management endeavors (Cottrell 2006).  For the record, it is also important for a person to critically identity areas of concerns, the weakness and how development goals should be achieved. A person must have life goals, things that he or she would like to achieve in future in terms of personal growth and career development. Therefore, personal development plan provides the foundation stone within which an individual can identify their strengths and weakness geared towards guiding them to capitalize on their unique skills and capabilities. It is part of progression process in the life of an individual and cannot be stopped so long as a person desires for it.

Personal Vision

In my case, I would like to professionally build my effectiveness as a leader in future and efficiently manage people who will work under me as their supervisor. My desire to be seen as a person who others can effectively work with and attract valuable talent, that will leverage opportunities to coach and mentor them to grow to be valuable employees who can positively contribute to the growth of an organization. My vision has always to be able to break away from bad habits that I consider weaknesses to help me succeed in all of my life endeavors. I used to believe that my hesitant weakness was not a bad habit but I later realized that it created stress for me and team members. I was working in a company some years ago, and was able to see how putting things last minute created stress for my team members that effectively demoralize them. Therefore, I began creating daily schedules to put be in focus and accountable to others, I was able to break from the habit.

Current Strengths and Weaknesses

In designing a personal development plan, it is imperative to accurately identify personal strengths and weaknesses. We all know that each person has his or her strengths and weaknesses that make them unique from the rest. In my case, am aware that I posses several strong strengths’ that perhaps, have guided me to my current state and position. I am a strategic thinker who has helped coin and implement strategic organization goals, some of which have succeeded. I am also focused towards organizational goals and objectives making sure that all goals set are implemented and achieved to their logical conclusion. Creativity makes me standout from the rest. My creative ideas have been useful to the organization considering that business organizations are operating in an environment characterized by cutthroat competition. Survival is dependent on how employees are creative and innovative to come up with new ideas that can be implemented to give organizations leverage and gain a competitive edge. Nonetheless, other strengths include eager to learn new ideas, open-minded, inspiring, visionary leader, willpower, confident, knowledgeable and strong communication skills. However, just like other people I have my own weaknesses that at times hinder my successful implementation of policies and goals. However, they have not prevented me from succeed in my organizational endeavors since I have for a long time tried to eliminate them. They include being lethargic, ignorant, and slow, stubborn and hesitant to take up organizational initiatives.

Desired Competencies

My desire is to seek and engage in opportunities that are aimed at sharpening my leadership skills. I would like to always track and measure my own actions that maps to other employees expectations while supporting them to meet individual and team goals for the betterment of an organization. I need to be competent when it comes to understanding needs of other people as this will make be in a position to empower them to improve on their skills and work abilities. This will entail effective management, ability to analyze both negative or positive feedback and delegating some responsibilities to help them grow professionally. It is a fact that efforts must be coordinated to achieve certain goals, and therefore I desire to create room for everybody to exercise their abilities and skills. My desire is to be able to solve major problems on my own in future. When I started working in my second career work station, I was extensively laboring on finer details that in turn created problem and stress to my supervisor. I need to be independent and solve problems on my own without the assistance of anybody.

An action Plan

For the action plan, I should be able to improve on my communication and listening skills by enrolling for classes and this should take two weeks.  To improve on ethics and standards, I should be able to develop ethics and standards guidelines that will guide me and other employees to work according to expectations that should take a maximum of one month. Third, I should be able to revise on how to eliminate ignorance so that I can be proactive and robust in all things that I do pertaining to both personal and organizational roles and responsibilities. I should be able to talk to other successful leaders to get a snippet of their leadership skills and how they have been able to manage challenges and threats.




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