Sample English Paper on Men and Women who work on Cell Towers

The discovery of how dangerous it is for men and women who work on cell towers is a fascinating thing after reading the book. It has been earlier perceived that working as a crab fisherman or as an ice road trucker is among the dangerous jobs in America. That has been a wrong perspective as, according to the book, those jobs are not dangerous. As a crab fisherman, if an accident occurs like a bite from a crab, one can be treated. For the ice road truckers, accidents can be evaded.

Men and women who work in the cell tower are exposed to more dangerous health threats. Studies have raised concerns that cell towers should be distanced from the presence of many people (Delaney 12). For instance, they should not be built near homes, day-care centers, schools, and places frequented by pregnant women. That leaves those who work there experiencing the dangers which other people are freed from. The effects of the radiation led to a life-lasting impact that cannot be cured.

Some of the partial lists of effects are, first is the changes in the physiologic function of the body tissues and organs (Delaney 14). The defects can be altering menstrual activity and fetal development. Another effect can be damage to the central nervous system that ends up causing psychological disorders. Those dangers that are prone to the cell tower workers happen to be more dangerous than the ones faced by a crab fisherman and an ice tracker.


Question Two

Discovery of the dangers changed the perspective on how dangerous the job is. Therefore, in support of the book, health measures ought to be taken and followed to the letter.The violator of these set rules should be held responsible accordingly to their acts.


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