Sample English Paper on Importance of Being on Time

Importance of Being on Time


 Punctuality is a choice, a choice that goes further to determine whether one has respect for peoples’ time or the individuals themselves.  Keeping time is a symptom of discipline, a person has  to show discipline and responsibility through following rules and regulations and keeping time is always one of the major rules whether in school or in any organization.

People make first impressions easily and may be disqualified from getting a certain position simply because they did not give a proper first time impression.  Time is one of the easiest ways of making a great first time impression. Arriving early either for a scheduled interview, class or project enhances a peoples’ brand while arriving late devalues their brand.

Being on time shows reliability, when a person can be trusted to keep time then they can be trusted with other major things. It starts from the little things such as being at the right place at the right time.  It is absolutely essential to be reliable and to show consistently that one can be relied upon.  It will help display the capability to handle higher ranks and more responsibility.  Being reliable builds trust among people.  Accountability means responsibility;  if people fail to keep time they must be held liable for failure to show up on time.

Arriving early gives an allowance for things to fall into place in case something causes delays without pressure. Showing up late or at the exact time leaves no room for any error, if one is planning to arrive at the exact time or later than the stipulated time then they should ensure that everything they were supposed to do is perfectly done and ready for presentation which is very strenuous and in most cases the preparation will be insufficient if a few minutes to relax, think about the outline of the work and get organized are not set aside.  Failure to meet deadlines or complete work in the stipulated time may force a person to do extra work.


People with integrity do what they say they are going to do, others have excuses. Arriving early does not force people to come up with excuses while an explanation for showing up late is always followed by an excuse as to why one couldn’t make it on time this puts the person’s integrity to question.  People don’t appreciate listening to excuses, especially on first time meeting instances.  There is no good excuse for being late except if there was a real emergency other excuses don’t count being on time is within one’s control.

Keeping time can save a person from a lot of penalties and fines. Showing up late for work  definitely leads to one being given a warning letter, showing up early reduces the chances of getting any penalties at work same applies to a school setting late comers are always punished.  Being late may lead to some costly mistakes for example paying for late fees due to delay to pick something or do something by some institutions or organizations.

Learning the importance of punctuality and practicing it sets a person apart from the crowd.  It may help achieve personal goals faster since in instances where making a good impression matters one may be considered for the position being offered and by achieving personal set goals and the institution’s goal helps others see one as a person worth listening to, it also sets a good example to the people who may look up to them .

Showing up late causes disruptions to a class or meeting.  The commotion caused while a person comes late when others are already settled causes disruption and may lead to loss of concentration to others, the person leading the meeting or the class may be distracted from their notes by having to stop to let the late comer settle first before proceeding, pushing the entire meeting or class behind.

Attending classes or meetings on time ensures that one doesn’t miss out on any vital information that is passed across as the meeting or class proceeds showing up late on the other hand even by a few minutes one may miss out on some very important information.  Showing up late may cause embarrassments to the late comer in case they get called out for walking in late which may lead to devaluing of your brand.

Time matters since it communicates to others whether they can rely on you.  It gives others a glimpse of how one views them, whether they respect them or not and also how one views themselves.  Although circumstances may force a person to come late one should strive to show up early in order to make a good impression. Being on time does not come naturally to everyone but it’s a habit one can form it takes planning and admission that time is of essence. Do it now do it right or never do it at all