Sample English Paper on How does Self-Empowerment help you succeed?

Self-empowerment entails having a good influence over your life. Self-empowerment pays importance to the need to have control over one’s life. An empowered individual has a positive outlook of life and themselves.

Self-empowerment can also be viewed as a process of working towards becoming a capable individual. It demands that individuals accept their unique inborn qualities in order to succeed in life (Simmermacher 100).

Self-empowerment is thus a key element in achieving success in life. Self-empowerment goes hand-in-hand with success. Success involves achieving targeted goals. Success transcends aspects such as education and business. Literally all activities in our lives are directed towards attaining success (Kuhn 45). We all have varied interpretations of success. This is reflected in our views of other people’s way of life. Our outlook on success is greatly linked to that of others. This constant comparison of life aspects greatly affects our self-esteem and hinders self-empowerment (Kuhn 45).

Self-empowerment can also be linked to self-control and self-esteem. Achieving control over your life requires utmost determination and honest effort. You must comprehend the link between your innate potential and shortcomings. Most of us might be inclined to surrender yet all we have to do is to hold on. The desire should be that of strengthening and enhancing yourself in order to attain self-empowerment (Simmermacher 100). Achieving success in life entails working in unison with the various aspects which define you as an individual.

Self-empowerment demands that one exercises enough control in life. It requires that one also stays open to their limitations. Self-empowerment ensures for the development of a firm personality. Self-empowerment is thus important in the development of the self and in achieving success.



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