Sample English Paper on Hamlet’s Ravage


Conflict in individuals is well understood as a person’s own oppositions or dramatic actions in a play or fiction that arises from some form of forces directly affecting the individual.

Every human being in one way or another is faced with conflict, which may be either internal or external mostly reflected in literature. The greatest conflict is that which is within one’s self because they are created and highly fought in our minds. In the play Hamlet by William Shakespeare, the dominating character is faced with a number of dilemmas hence leading to emotional instability. There are major conflicts which must be dealt with accordingly in order to bring stability emotionally .These includes: Hamlets encountering ghost, incest by the monarch and murder contemplation. Due to those issues and hamlets particular character he tries to handle these issues within ones self-leading to international conflict.

To  start with ,the incest between his mother and uncle ,triggered the action within Hamlet that happened .Hamlet, having  had lost his father was in deep sorrow  and very irritated by the hasty remarriage of his mother .as if though that was not enough his mother went ahead and got married to his uncle. In Act 1, scene 2, line 161-164 there is evidence that Hamlets mind is troubled and it quotes that “with such dexterity to incestuous sheet! It cannot come to good but break my heart for I must hold my tongue”. A second quote Act 1 scene 2 “a little month ,or ere those shoes were old with which she followed my poor fathers body, like Niobe, all tears –why she even she (ooh God a beast that wants  discourse of reasons would have mourned longer! “Married with my uncle, my father’s brother but no more likely my father.” Al these clearly shows Hamlets inner real feelings counseling that marriage  and how he is troubled  but cannot speak it out .although he was a different individual , he felt about the whole issue. Unfortunately he is different, hence much of his actions occur in one’s self not externally.

Hamlets emotional in stability were later threated by the encounter with the ghost. Through mysterious ways Hamlets came to know that Claudius was the one behind his father’s death. This triggered hamlets animosity. In act1 scene 5 line 29-31 he states that “Hast me to know that I with wings has swift –as meditation or thought of love might stick to the ravage.”  In another quote ”Ravage is foul and most un natural murder” (Act 1, scene 5  line 31). This clearly shows the anger and fury he had and the desire to seek full ravage.

On murder contemplation, Hamlet is in deep thought of his vengeance. There is an open opportunity to kill his uncle Claudius, but unfortunately he fails to act .He weighs out the matter and sees that killing Claudius while he is praying will guarantee him a ticket to heaven opposing Hamlets desire this is because Claudius had committed murder and treason hence needs to go to hell, In Act 3 scene3 line 77-83”Now might I do its part, now he is praying. And now I will do it (he draws his sword) ad so he goes to heaven and so am I ravaged that would be scanned a villain kills my father and for that I his soul son do this same villain sent to heaven. In act 2 scene2 “ooh what a rogue and peasant slave am i…am I a coward… am a pigeon livered and lack gall to make oppression bitter.


It is clear that Hamlet   internal conflict are solved especially nearing  the end of the play where he comes to realize that his mother was solely not involved in his father’s death at long last he kills Claudius to avenge his father’s death.

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