Sample English Paper on Filthy Cities – Industrial New York

Filthy Cities – Industrial New York

According to Dan Snow’s “Filthy Cities – Industrial New York,” the city of New York was once a very filthy town that occupied the Manhattan area of the city at the southern tip. The city was filled with immigrants from Europe who had come with hopes of a better future in America during the 19th century. These immigrants were crammed in fetid houses that were full of vermin, lice and bed bugs. There was no functional sewage system, and this meant that the population got exposed to frequent outbreaks of typhoid and cholera. The fact that medical innovation was in its infancy and that people had not yet made the connection between hygiene and health did nothing but increase the mortality rates of the people that got sick.

The crowded, poorly lit and poorly ventilated houses were owned by slumlords and fat cat bosses that would exploit and bully the immigrants. This used to happen because most of the immigrants were desperate as a result of having left their homelands under a lot of pressure. There was no running water in the houses, and the streets were littered with excrement, dead cats and rotting horses. The pigs would graze freely in the streets and were the cleaning agents at that time. There was rampant corruption in the administration of the city with the politicians embezzling the funds contributed by the taxpayers. The butchers used to sell their consumers rotten meat that had been cured in borax and clothing dye to hide the colour of rot. The source of lighting and energy for the city was coal, which was both dirty and noxious. Under these conditions, the city residents came up with engineering and technological innovations that not only transformed it, but the whole world as well.