Sample English Paper on Essay Writing

Sample English Paper on Essay Writing

1-1: Essay Writing

Writing essays can be a very demanding exercise for anyone wishing to participate in it. In essay writing, the contents of the papers vary depending on various aspects of writing. Typically, essay content is dictated by the audience for which the essay is intended as well as the message that is to be given to that audience. Organizing an essay comes with a great dedication. To find sufficient and relevant content, the writer has to begin by selecting the topic on which he desires to communicate. Identification of the topic depends on the interest held by the writer. After the selection of the topic, the writer has to choose the most desirable audience before settling on the collection of information on the subject. The most demanding part of planning is the organization of ideas into key points. An essay is structured into three major parts which include the introduction, the body and the conclusion parts. The language used in essay writing must also correspond to the audience targeted. For a younger audience, the language is mainly simple and easy to understand. The objective is to provide information in the easiest way possible. On the other hand, essays targeting the older audience are written in a more formal and complex language. Essays can also be academic or non- academic; fiction or non- fiction and can be used to pursue different purposes. The content of the essay thus dictates who the audience can or cannot be.


2-2: Looking Through and Looking at Text: Am I Blue?

Looking Through the Text Looking at the Text
Alice Walker, through the story of Blue, explains how humans assume that animals have no feelings.

She gives a vivid description of the horse, Blue, and how he was constantly lonely within the 5 acres meadow where he grazed.

She explains that before the arrival of his friend, Blue mostly remained bored, with excitement only coming when given apples.

She goes further to explain how Blue changes once another horse is brought and how he gets more active and excited due to the presence of a companion.

When the companion goes away, Blue first becomes agitated then finally changes into a disillusioned horse who cannot be excited by anything. Not even the apples can cause excitement any more.

The text of the story uses imagery to explain how loneliness can result in despair and disillusionment.

The author, Alice Walker does exceptionally well by first explaining that humans transform in the way they consider their interactions with animals as they grow from childhood to adulthood.

When an animal is lonely, he/ she tends to find enjoyment in even the minutest aspects of life. Just like humans, animals feel lonely and would like to be kept active and not forgotten.

Animals, like humans, gain joy through interaction with others whom they consider special. When such relationships are cut off unexpectedly, it is possible for them to also undergo stress and to suffer from depression and loneliness.



By looking through and looking at the text by Alice Walker, I conclude that I learned of how different styles can be used in the development of a theme and delivery of a certain message. In most cases, authors write with a deeper meaning intended. Actually, looking at the text and reading between the lines is the only way to derive this deeper meaning.

3-3: Memoire: Journey of Discovery

Last year, I made a painful discovery about my partner whom I had trusted and completely depended on. We had been going out for close to two years and it had reached a point where we both knew each other completely. We understood many details of each other’s lives and I personally thought I knew my other half more than any other person could know about their partner in less than two years. I came to discover that my partner was cheating on me and everyone else in the school knew about it except me. The discovery came in a most unsettling manner since I happened to catch them red handed. This has really caused immense pain in my heart and made me realize that things are in most cases not the way they seem to be. It made me go through a journey of research where I desired to learn from seemingly perfect couples what brought them together and why they never had differences. Through this, I came to learn that every relationship has its own unique set of challenges that may not be similar to those in other relationships. Due to this, I learnt that I always have to gain strength from within to forge ahead in spite of challenges. However, I also made the conscious decision to ensure that am always happy through disentangling myself from emotionally draining relationships.

4-4: Interesting Topic – Global Warming

Global warming is a topic that creates a lot of interest in me because I have learnt of its impacts on the world today as well as on some of the aspects that cause it. Moreover, the great attention that environmentalists have been paying to the subject of global warming and the increase of environmental campaigns as a result of global warming also grew my motivation to study the subject. When exploring the concept of global warming, various issues have to be addressed in it. Issues such as the causes of global warming, impacts and efforts towards prevention are all crucial topics for discussion under the project. In particular, I find the role of greenhouse gas emissions on the initiation of global warming to be an essential topic for discussion. This is because many people do not understand what is entailed in the concept of greenhouse gas emissions. Talking about it can help many people to understand satisfactorily what it is and how it impacts on the concept of global warming. Greenhouse gas emissions are gases comprised of carbon, nitrogen oxides, and carbon oxides which are produced during processes such as transportation, thermal energy production, use of aerosols and any agricultural products that release harmful gases. From this point of view, I believe that studying about greenhouse gas emissions can be much easier than focusing on the entire aspect of global warming and can result in the collection of more detailed information from the different sources.

5- 5: Parental Mistakes

Parents are the most important people in shaping the future of a child. The words spoken by parents can make or break the future of a child. When I was in elementary school, my mother made the mistake of comparing her children and having favorites in the family. She considered my brother closer to her than my sister and me. As such, whenever either of us made any mistake, she never hesitated to compare us to the favorite son. This resulted in rivalry among us, and at times we could show contempt to the others. We were always in competition with each other as we all sought her approval. To her, this was not such a big deal and she did not even notice she was showing favoritism. From this mistake, I learned that parents are crucial in shaping the future of children. I managed to make the decision that I would not make any of my children feel less important than others. I also decided that my objective as a parent would be to ensure that all my children feel loved and appreciated by identifying their unique traits and informing them of their strengths.


6-6: Text Rewrite- the Veil by Marjane Satrapi (Re-written for the adult audience)

We had not always been forced to put on the veil in Iran. However, a revolution, referred to as “The Islamic Revolution” took place in 1979 prior to the time where my class photo was taken. The revolution led to the compulsion to put on the veil while in schools as well as in other social settings. In particular, the revolution led to mixed schools being closed down and all females being segregated from their male counterparts. When the revolution occurred in 1979, we had been in a non- religious school where there were both boys and girls but we had to be separated due to the Cultural Revolution that was being aimed at. Most of the students did not embrace the veil positively and there were many jokes and games played to indicate the disdain and lack of understanding of the custom change. I felt that in the modern society in which I lived, the veil would not be a positive change in culture. Many others also felt the same as evident from the many demonstrations that took place across the country to call for freedom. My mother’s picture was taken during one of the demonstrations and this caused her a lot of anxiety as she expected to be hounded due to her stand. At six years, I felt that I had the responsibility of being the light of the world and offering help to those who suffered like my grandmother, those who were discriminated like our maid and those who had no cars. My goal to be a celestial prophet worried my teachers a lot. However, my grandmother offered me her endless support in my quest to be a prophet. I nonetheless decided to conceal my aspiration to be a prophet from my parents.

7-7: Opinion piece (The New York Times retrieved from

In an article by Botstein, the author explains the threats faced by American universities at the hands of the government. From the beginning of the article, the author clearly outlines the thesis of his argument and further explains the foundation of his thesis. By clearly asserting that the government of the day threatens American universities through alienation of truth by accepting half-truths, the author manages to provide an implied thesis in his work. The arguments developed in support of the thesis given are also quite informative to the reader. From the onset, the reader can get a peek into the opinion of the author just by reading the first paragraph in the article. As such, it can be concluded that the implied thesis used by the author is the most suitable form of thesis for such an argument. Therefore, no other type of thesis could have been more informational in the article.

8-8: Advertising Memo

To: My Course teacher,

Re: Smart Eye Wear Advertisement

I have studied the characteristics of the members of the population aged over 60 years old. Through my observations, I realized that most members of this older age category have various types of vision problems. Some of them have issues with allergy to either dust or cold, while others have various eye infections such as cataracts which make them in need of eye wear. Smart eye wear such as Google Glass can be very effective for such people.

I also decided to follow up on the attitudes, the values held by such people and socio- political factors that influence them in their lifestyles and choice of fashion options. From my observations, I realized that most of these people hold conservative values which make it difficult for them to adopt things that would make them look young or more into new age fashion. As such, the only way to make such people accept and buy smart eye wear is to use designs that match their conservative values. Moreover, the socio- political conditions today make it easy to understand the aged when they engage in certain activities. They will thus feel part of the social system when using such eye wear. It can thus be concluded that smart eye wear can satisfactorily be marketed for the targeted population.

Yours Sincerely,


9-9: Change of world view

Although I watch news on television most of the time, one of the most impacting messages that I have ever heard concerned how Christians used hot air balloons to spread the gospel in parts of the world where Christianity was forbidden. Before listening to the news, I had held the impression that some of the countries where ISIS was active and where persecution of Christians was rampant had no one preaching there due to fear. I always felt that those who went there in person were risking their lives yet could have nothing accomplished. This was because I knew that those who lived in those countries as well as those who intended to spread the good news therein could be faced with possible prosecution. When I heard the news about how willing Christians from an organization were using hot air balloons for this purpose, I felt rejuvenated. My perception of the endurance people can have in spreading the good news changed as I saw how their works impacted the society positively. As the balloons reached different destinations in Syria and Iraq, those who found them had the opportunity to read the verses of the Bible written on them. I opened up to accepting this possibility due to the testimonies given by those who had been impacted positively and those who had been motivated to engage in gospel spreading due to the balloons. Eventually, I came to the conclusion that there is nothing impossible for one who willingly puts his heart to an action.