Sample English Paper on Emergencies and disasters

Emergencies and disasters can occurs in the same setting. A disaster is a situation that occurs suddenly and cause loss of property or substances, or ultimate failure in a person’s ability to complete a task. An example of a disaster is the case heavy rainfall that cause loss of property and destruction. The event or the action that creates the destruction is what is considered a disaster. The aftermath of the situation after the event refers to an emergency. As such an emergency cannot describes as the event that leads loss of lives or destruction of property, but the situation that people are left in after the disaster.

A disaster does not necessarily need to be preceded by the occurrence of an emergency. But emergencies always occur after a disaster. Like in the case of a hurricane, the hurricane can be referred to as the disaster, while the situation that the people will be left in after the hurricane is the emergency situation. An emergency, therefore, is a situation characterize by imminent crisis. It always requires a quick response.

In the case of a disaster, the damage has already occurred and people are left to deal with the outcomes. In the case of an emergency, the may only indicate the damage that is likely to occur if no action is taken. An example is the case of Ebola. A disaster would be a case where a region in the county has been affected by Ebola and the number of deaths continue rising by the day. An emergency in this same case can be described based on the situation created after diagnosing the first case of Ebola that call for public health concern. In the case of an emergency, the spread of the disease can be prevented.