Sample English Paper on Brigg’s Library Evaluation

Brigg’s Library is a three-floor building located at South Dakota. The Brigg’s building was constructed as a library to hold books and host conferences. The library’s main purpose was to enable the community to gain knowledge by bringing books and other reading materials nearer. The building was constructed in 1977 with concrete and mortar as the main materials, other materials such as wood and glass were used to make windows and doors.

The structure occupies a 67,838 square foot area with open space desks and study rooms on the side walls of the building. The study rooms in the library are designed to cater to about 20 visitors. The open desks are situated in the center on every floor with shelves surrounding them.  The building’s interior appeal is comforting and accommodating for readers to gaze and stare while reading their books. The library has most of its shelves tagged and the walls have education related wallpapers, making it easy for the readers to located a certain subject study section (Tornquist 12). Brigg’s Library is located away from other buildings, making its environment less noisy, and the library quiet to study in.  With white interior walls and translucent lighting, the library creates an accommodative environment for its visitors.

Brigg’s library has a colorful exterior appeal to both visitors and locals of the town. With its white and badge exterior walls, the building is attractive and merges well with the surrounding environment. Brigg’s Library has served its purpose well for over forty years, proving to grow and accommodate more readers (Tornquist 12). The library is easily accessible from the road, also withholding its unique design to welcome people.



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