Sample English Paper on Abortion from A Christian Standpoint

Abortion is among the most controversial and emotional issues in society today. Several arguments have been presented on the issue of abortion, with some parties debating on the illegality of the practice hence the need to be abolished. The biggest concern raised regarding the topic of abortion focuses on when and how life begins. An awareness of how and when an individual’s life begins is crucial to determining whether abortion should be prohibited. However, abortion can be recommended to save the life of a mother in the event that their life is at risk.

The Christian community takes a strong stand on the topic of abortion. Christians base their lives and faith on the word of God. They believe that God is the creator of everything and the source of all life (Boyle 3). Debates about abortion often revolve around God’s decision to create man and proceeding to breathe the breath of life into his nostrils. Similarly, there is the belief that an unborn child’s life is not as a result of chemical or biological factors but the God-given breath. That God plays a crucial role in the development of life guides Christians to view it as pure, holy, and inviolable. Although abortion does not occur across all cultures, it has become more prevalent in recent years, especially due to technological and medical advancements, as well as a rapid change in social norms. One of the reasons given for the practice of abortion is the inability to raise a child. There is the presumption that today’s society is encountering significant economic challenges, thereby forcing people to undertake the decision to terminating unwanted pregnancies.

The Christian community firmly believes that abortion is a strategy for taking away an unborn child’s life. Notably, the act is against God’s commandment that states “Thou shall not kill.” According to the Christian community, abortion that points to terminating another person’s life is a sin against God just like every other sin committed by humans. Like every other punishable sin, Christians believe that individuals who practice abortion will be subjected to punishment and painful suffering upon the second coming of Jesus Christ, the son of God (Kangwa 65). Notably, having to give account before God for taking part directly or indirectly in ending a life that He has created is not a small battle. The grief, pain, and spiritual stress that those involved with abortion undergo is a consequence of transgressing God’s will (Grisanti 173). After involvement in abortion, Christians stress the need to seek spiritual healing or forgiveness from God although this varies from denomination to denomination. For instance, Catholics believe in concessions whereby the priest acts as a mediator between humans and God. Such concessions must not be seen as way of cleansing people who sin against God. Also, they must not be considered as ways of entertaining the sins that humans commit in their day-to-day life.

Abortion remains a controversial topic in the world today. It is supported and opposed by individuals in equal measure. From a Christian viewpoint, however, abortion is unacceptable as it goes against God’s law and will. When God created man, He sent him to multiply and fill the earth. However, He warned him against killing or prematurely ending human life. The Christian community presumes that abortion is not only acceptable but also punishable like any other sin.



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