Sample English Essays on Tough Conversations

The conversation I would engage with the female employee who was upset because of the constant persuasion by the male co-worker would be directed at getting to know when and how it all started. The discussion I would have would begin with me giving her certainty that the company does not condone such behavior, since it wants all employee to feel free and safe in their working environment so that they can maximize their potential. I would ask her to be more open and sincere to tell me how it all started. I would also ask her to describe the reaction of the male co-worker after she turned down the date. I would assure the female employee that my duty as the HR manager is to ensure that all employees are comfortable while doing their work and she should be free with me so that we are able to solve the problem.

I would also inform other staff in the organization about the complaint system procedure. They should also not hesitate coming forward to report any harassment. It should also be known that the offenders will face the consequences according to the organization’s HR policy book. The HR policy book helps in managing interactions among employees and also improve the organization’s performance at large and also make employees to stay in the organization (Haider 63). I would even advice the female worker on other platforms where she can complain to. I would also assign my assistant the role of investigating the complaint forwarded by the female employee to ensure transparency and honesty in both parties.

In the case of the male co-worker, I would ask him if the allegations made against him are true by giving him the chance to tell me his side of the story. I would also ask the male co-worker why he kept asking the female employee out on dates despite her refusal to accept the date. I would ask him if he has gone through the HR policy book, which does not encourage any form of harassment by any employee in the organization. I would advise the male co-worker to stop pursuing the female employee if she has already declined the date. I would ask the male co-worker how he relates to other staffs and also, he should give me the nature of his relationship with the female employee.

The male co-worker should also explain whether he gave the female career assistance in exchange for the date. I would let him also be aware of how uncomfortable his advances for the date have made the female employee. I would also ask the male co-worker how long he has been pursuing the female employee. I would assure the male co-worker that all the company policy in regards to employee harassment will be investigated according to the organization’s HR policy book and corrective steps will be taken.

In conclusion, I would interview close staffs to both the male co-worker and the female employee so as to get to know the type of relationship both had. I would later have a sit down with both the female employee and the male co-worker and advice that investigations are underway to come up with a solution. I would then compare my notes taken during the one on one discussion so as to come to a conclusive decision on whether the allegations made are correct. After the final investigation and decision are made, I would provide the correct solution to both parties.



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