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The contemporary English phrase sock is derived from the Old English phrase socc, which capacity “light slipper”. This comes from the Latin soccus, a time length to describe a “light, low-heeled shoe” worn by capacity of Roman comedian actors,[2] and deriving from the Ancient Greek phrase sykchos.


Socks have advanced over the centuries from the earliest models, which have been made from animal skins gathered up and tied spherical the ankles. According to the Greek poet Hesiod, in the eighth century BC, the Ancient Greeks wore socks recognized as “piloi”, which had been made from matted animal hair.[4] The Romans moreover wrapped their toes with leather-based or woven fabrics. Around the 2nd century AD, the Romans commenced stitching the fabric jointly making geared up socks referred to as “udones”. By the fifth century AD, socks referred to as “puttees” have been worn through way of holy human beings in Europe to signify purity.

During the Middle Ages, the measurement of trousers used to be prolonged and the sock grew to be a tight, brightly colored cloth defending the reduce area of the leg. Since socks did no longer have an elastic band, garters have been positioned over the pinnacle of the stockings to quit them from falling down. When breeches grew to end up shorter, socks started to get longer (and greater expensive). By one thousand AD, socks grew to turn out to be a image of wealth amongst the nobility. From the sixteenth century onwards, an decorative diagram on the ankle or aspect of a sock has been recognized as a clock. The invention of a knitting computer in 1589 supposed that socks might also want to be knitted six instances quicker than through hand. Nonetheless, knitting machines and hand knitters labored facet through element till 1800.


The subsequent revolution in sock manufacturing used to be as soon as the introduction of nylon in 1938. Until then socks had been in many cases made from silk, cotton and wool. Nylon used to be the commence of mixing two or more yarns in the manufacturing of socks, a system that though continues today.


Socks are manufactured in a range of lengths. No show, low cut, and ankle socks lengthen to the ankle or limit and are oftentimes worn casually or for athletic use. No exhibit and/or low limit socks are designed to create the seem of naked feet when worn with footwear (sock now now not visible). Knee-high socks are from time to time related with formal costume or as being area of a uniform, such as in sports activities (like soccer and baseball) or as phase of a school’s gown code or early existence group’s uniform. Over-the-knee socks or socks that extend greater (thigh-high socks) are each and every so frequently referred to as female garments in the time-honored era. They have been notably worn by children, both boys and girls, at some stage in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries; although, the reputation a range of widely from u . s . to country.[4] When worn by means of using grownup females, knee-high or thigh-high socks can turn out to be the object of sexual enchantment and fetishism by way of some men.[


Toe socks encases every toe in my view the same way a finger is encased in a glove, at the same time as different socks have one compartment for the big toe and one for the rest, like a mitten; most noticeably what Japanese title tabi at the same time as distinctive factors of the world truly title it tabi. Both of these allow one to put on flip-flops with the socks.[3]eg warmers, which are now now not frequently socks, may additionally additionally be changed with socks in cold climates and are related to leggings due to the fact that they commonly entirely keep your legs warmth in cold local weather however now no longer the complete foot. A agency sock or gown sock is a time length for a darkish colored sock (typically black or navy blue) for formal and/or casual footwear. It is oftentimes loosely referred to as a work sock or a formal sock for formal occasions, for instance weddings, funerals, graduation ceremonies, prom, church, or work.

Wool socks

Crew socks are brief and thick or skinny daily socks. Those socks are generally ribbed at the pinnacle of the ankles.[4][7] They can be used in a way to warmness legs if pulled all the way up.[16][clarification needed] The first acquainted workout of crew socks[clarification needed] used to be in 1948.[citation needed] Crew socks are normally unisex.[3]”Routledge”. (2014. P. 225.) A low limit sock is a type of sock that describe in a way to be decrease under the ankle. Low decrease socks are common to cowl the contours of a person’s feet. Although the low reduce socks are unisex, on the other hand female and ladies commonly use them. Low decrease socks are usually worn with sneakers such as boat shoes, Oxfords, moccasins and loafers.[5] The Ancient Egyptian trend of sock is a mixture between modern-day Western socks and Japanese tabi, every of which it predates. Like tabi, Egyptian socks have one compartment for the large toe and any different for the rest, enabling their use with sandals; like Western socks, they go well with snugly to the foot and do no longer use fasteners like tabi.

Although usually protecting to a sample of being divided into sizes of small-medium-large, etc., what range of shoe sizes these sock sizes correspond to consists of in one of a variety markets.[18] Some size necessities are coordinated thru standard-setting our bodies on the other hand others have arisen from custom.[19] Sock lengths vary, from ankle-high to thigh level.



Most sports activities things to do requires some type of sock, generally a knee dimension or mid-calf sock to defend one’s legs from being scraped even as participating in game activities. In basketball, tube socks are worn, and in lacrosse, mid-calf socks are required.[citation needed] In football, knee socks are used. They are usually to end grass burns.[The layer of leather-based or exceptional fabric protecting the insole of a shoe is additionally referred to as a sock. When completely area of the insole is covered, leaving the forepart visible, this is mentioned as a half-sock.

For use in cold environments, thermal socks are thicker. They are commonly worn for skiing, skating, and one of a kind iciness sports. They supply now no longer entirely insulation, however additionally accelerated padding due to their thickness. Diabetic socks are type of thermal sock made from an acrylic, cotton, nylon, and elastic. These are made to decorate remedy even as at the same time retaining toes cool and dry. There is no stable proof that they are helpful.A sock is also used as a holiday object all through Christmas. Children hold a large ceremonial sock regarded as a Christmas stocking by way of a nail or hook on Christmas Eve, and then their mother and father fill it with small offers whilst the recipients are asleep. According to tradition, Santa Claus brings these presents.



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