Sample English Essays on The Play “Last Train to Nibroc”

The “Last Train to Nibroc” is a play set in the 1940s. The play by Arlene Hutton was done in 1999 and runs for approximately 90 minutes.

The acting in the play is masterly done. The setting of a crowded train sets a perfect scene for the meeting between May and Raleigh. Raleigh skillfully teases May to strike a conversation. May is engrossed in a book, but Raleigh terms the book as a romance, and Raleigh also teases May about the two writers who were in the baggage car. Also, Raleigh slickly convinces May about going to the Nibroc, saying it was the Corbin spelled backward. Moreover, May does not understand the difference between leprosy and epilepsy, and she’s surprised that Raleigh’s skin does not wear off, and Raleigh is amused. May and Raleigh are good actors even though they vary in aspects. I feel Raleigh is captivating; he says that he knew Charlie was at the back of the Rambler, and states that that’s why he took the mountain route. Raleigh’s emergence also evidences this in scene two with a bag, and May is surprised to see him after about one year. Secondly, I think Raleigh is intelligent. Raleigh knows that May wants to propose, despite her saying it indirectly. I feel May is outspoken; she speaks herself out. She narrates how the preacher took some of the offerings which she was against. Also, I feel May is charismatic. May appropriately expresses herself to Raleigh about her brother, who hid at the back of the Rambler.

I feel that the costumes used in the play exhaustively capture the plot and characters’ roles as well as themes in the play. In scene one, Raleigh wears army clothing, which I feel reveals where she was coming from. May wears a dress and a long coat.  May’s dress code supposedly portrays her interest in missionary work since some dressing codes like short dresses are not allowed in the church. In scene two, Raleigh is dressed in a casual outfit, which is an attractive and suitable outfit for the Nibroc Festival. Probably this is the outfit that was required at the festival.

The first scene of the play is set in a crowded train. The situation in the train and a space beside May helps to unite the two actors. The baggage car containing the bodies of the two writers acted as the basis of discussion between Raleigh and May. Scene two is set at a large park. The large park is the meeting point between the two characters who have not seen each other for one year. Also, the park sets the stage for the two characters to share their experiences. Scene three is set in a porche settee and sets the stage for Raleigh’s proposal for marriage. I feel the setting of the play effectively conveys the intended message like romance to the audience.

Conclusively, the play “Last Train to Nibroc” is captivating and refreshing. Despite the ancient setting used, the play is skillfully done and captures the relevant thematic concerns like romance and drama. I would recommend this play to everyone irrespective of age and gender. However, using better graphics in the production of the play would be more compelling in passing the intended message.