Sample English Essays on The Monster Dream

I usually find myself relieving daytime stories, movies or novels in my dreams in many instances. Last night was one of the occasions. In my dream, I was a ten-year-old, and I was playing in the lush green compound with my two friends Adrian and Sandy. We chased butterflies and threw stones are birds who were hesitant to fly away. My dog Limbo was playing along with us barking at us and playfully wagging its tail. I could see our parents having tea and talking animatedly on our pouch. Sally and her family had just moved in two months ago, and we had become fond of each other as our parents worked in the same firm. I could also see my big sister gazing at us from her bedroom window. I always found her a weird character. She almost had no friends at all except for a scuffled looking boy who came to study with her once in a while. Just as I was still engrossed in my thoughts, Sandy shot off the compound towards the gate and Adrian, and I followed her in hot pursuit.

The next moment, I found myself in the middle of a forest. I could smell the wet earth in my nostrils with the occasional flight of birds scaring me. Adrian and Sandy were out of sight. I felt lost. The gigantic trees forming canopies above gave me scares that I had always seen in movies. I could smell the fear that had engulfed me. Suddenly, I felt a ruffling of feathers and some birds flew away as if they had been startled. I knew almost then that some strange animal was coming my way. On looking closer, I saw a pair of blood-shot reptile like eyes staring at me. Fear crippled me, and I fainted. On waking up, I found myself inside a cave that was darkly lit and seemed strange and had a foul smell. My legs and hands had been tied. The monstrous beings were feasting on some spoils. When they saw me stirring awake, the hugest one came to me and sniffed me around. “She is too small to satisfy all of us; we shall keep her for some more time then eat her later” At that point, I could not utter a word lest I be eaten instantly.

Later on, the big monsters left the cave to go back hunting again. After they had left, an old human-like person crept from the dark corners of the cave. “They should not find you here” she whispered in her cracking voice. She then feebly untied my hands and feet and told me to run away and hide in the shadows so that they don’t recapture me. “Tell me how you have survived in this place,” I asked her. I might tell you, but you may never be able to leave this place ever again. I gathered strength, stood up to thank her and turned to run away. However, when I got to the door of the cave something grabbed my head and turned me upside down. One of the crippled monsters had been left to keep watch of me. He held me with my stick legs as I screamed my heart out and kicked and cried. Tired of my noise and determination to break free, he opened its huge mouth in a bid to swallow me. I screamed some more then I heard a faraway voice calling my name and shaking me. I woke up dazed and confused with my leg hanging from the bed. It had all been a dream