Sample English Essays on Responsibility

Sample English Essays on Responsibility


A person who is responsible means that they are acting in a way that shows some accountability. They have to be answerable to everything in their lives without any excuses or with minimal supervision. This is a character that a person must possess for them to be considered responsible. Responsibility comes with several benefits to an individual. In most cases, it raises an individual’s self-esteem especially if people can count on them without failure or they do things as expected minus any guidance. A responsible being is a person who has good character and shows maturity that leads them to succeed because they employ the right skills and values in their lives to achieve set goals.

A responsible being

Anyone who is responsible has a great personality trait that can make them successful in their lives. It means that when a person does something, they not only believe in themselves but also people around them have faith that they can handle the same task effectively without any fear of under-performance. This is the reason most people like to depend and look up-to individuals who are responsible in their lives.

In life, people feel responsible for different things in their lives. For instance, parents feel responsible for their children while a student feels responsible for their performance. A student will have to work hard and show some signs of responsibility by ensuring that their grades are purely based on their hard-work and not as a result of being helped. Some of the ways in which a student can show signs of responsibility include: doing their homework on time, getting into the lecture classroom on time, getting engaged in school activities in a manner that shows accountability, and working hard to improve their grades.

Sense of responsibility in work environment

However, the sense of responsibility does not have to be centered in a particular environment. It is crucial that as a student, their levels of responsibility should extend beyond the school or family levels which are their immediate environments. Just by knowing who you are or what you want to be in your life, a student shows that they are responsible for their future. Such kind of a student will handle themselves with self-respect whenever they are doing any specific duty. For instance, during humanitarian services or internship, a student can clearly shows their values of responsibility based on the kind of decisions that they are making. This kind of student will consider focusing more on matters that are important which they will prioritize. It means that in the work environment, a student who has a clear plan, values and purpose in the ways in which they handle their tasks shows some sense of responsibility. Everything that they do will be geared towards helping them achieves organizational goals and also draws them closer to their set goals in life.

Things to take responsibility

Some of the things that such a student will take seriously include, completing their tasks on time, answering to the managers regarding a failed task, being able to contemplate what to do next now that the project has failed and also look for ways to achieve set goals.  They should also take seriously their studies by not forgetting that now that they are doing their internship, they forget about reading. Learning a process that should be continues thus even in the work environment or in school the student should always be ready to learn.

In conclusion, a responsible human being can be considered as a person with great character because of the high levels of maturity that they shows which leads them to employ the right skills and values in their lives to achieve the set goals. It is important for people to recognize that responsibility comes with several benefits which they need to explore.