Sample English Essays on Home Online Writing Jobs as an Economy Pillar

The internet has become the most influential platform amongst all other sources of information. Every person with a smart phone can access the information online. This has motivated many people to take to the web their stories and experiences. With all the glory of the world wide website comes with its price tag. Many people however have fallen to cybercrimes.

Articles, blogs and many others have been introduced in the recent years. Many have used this platform to publicize issues that remain unattended to while others use it to incite people to violence and victimization. College students and many jobless people have ventured on this business as a hustle or even a fulltime job. As every journey begins with a step, one can’t enter the platform with high value. It’s earned through good quality publication. Lest we forget those whose passion is writing, these group write not for monetary gain but to air out their opinions on different themes of life and pour their hearts and feelings to the world. Such articles gain multitudes of readers since the emotions attached to them attracts attention.

Yes writing seems easy money but the weak in language tend to find it hard. However, training helps improve one’s writing skills. Exposure to writing material consistently sharpens one’s wit and helps in discovery of new vocabularies to develop the content at hand. Joining is as easy as it can be. Most sites allow free registration with a test to evaluate one’s skills while others require registration fee. This statement fits in this. Devotion is all that’s required and persistence for good results in this business.

It is a lucrative business indeed as people have taken upon themselves to create and open many accounts which make money. Online writing has a spectrum of many branches that are not known by many. Article writings and blogs are the most popular but there are others like transcripts which are not popular. With the help of a smart phone or a computer with occasional internet access one can join and become very successful. However, without the ire to succeed and have the know-how in maneuvering to gain the richest of information, the writing is tedious and time consuming. Not everyone is ready to sit down at a computer screen and read for a long time or research .It also could get monotonous. It needs perseverance to keep going. Also, it needs good network connection which is often not available and requires capital for purchase.  Editing too is another task after researching from the internet. In conclusion, online writing is a job like any other with its merits and demerits but worth venturing.