Sample English Essays on Fashion Identity

Like other global professions, fashion has over the last two decades seen different developments that have changed how talented individuals such as designers use unique approaches to surviving in the market. Considerably, customers demand quality products that define not only their culture but also creativity on distinct natural features that define human beings. As such developing a unique brand that is appealing to clients from various background needs a detailed understanding of the market. Over the years, many cloth lines initiated by celebrities have gained high financial returns but failed to recognize the efforts of the designers.

Many designers in the modern fashion industry such as Jerome Lamaar Fortez have exceptional talent and the desire to achieve the best in the market (Fashion bomb daily n.p). Essentially, most of them have developed items that have sold for millions in the international market. Considerably, designers have the relevant qualities required to build a successful brand that involves quality work, passion and the ambition to achieve the best in the market. Brand in the fashion industry involves the ability to create and stand for mass market appeal and loyalty. However, most of them do not have enough knowledge on the best ways to market their productions in the highly competitive market where creativity and uniqueness define the best.

Considering the increasing dynamics in the fashion industry, a brand has more strength than the designer as they have the ability to attract more customers based on their existing goodwill. Once the designer develops any product, it is the duty of the brand to advertise and convince retailers that the commodity is unique and can fetch high market prices. To me, brand means any individual or object with high public appeal and that can be able to control a specific population of the community. For instance, P Diddy can be considered as a brand since he has the ability to influence his music fans. Therefore these individuals have global influences on any product that they are entitled to promote.

With the changing needs of customers and the increasing level of competition in the fashion industry, co-branding will still be used in increasing the sales of different products. Notably, this concept involves the functioning together of different brand names to offer quality services of commodities to their clients.




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