Sample English Essays on Conservative or Liberal: Poverty

Conservative or Liberal: Poverty

In developed countries such as the United States (U.S.), one of the primary causes of poverty is unemployment. Even those who are employed, wages and benefits inequalities have consistently confined them to the infamous category of working poor. These causes of poverty in the country, like in other geopolitical regions, are mostly embedded in the economic system of the country (CPAG, n.d). Therefore, tackling poverty effectively requires progressive economic policies intentionally instituted to bring about greater economic freedom to the citizens. Economic policies aimed at spurring economic growth should address issues relating to low wages. These policies will ensure that Americans receive better pay that corresponds to their work. The economy can only considered to have grown when important parameters such as increased employment rates, and better employee wages and benefits are realized. These are important economic growth indicators that also determine poverty levels in the country. Unlike a poverty reduction program, economic growth has far reaching consequences in terms of uplifting the country’s social welfare status.

When it comes to addressing poverty, I am a liberal who also leans towards progressive ideologies. Poverty stems from conservative ideologies social and economic ideologies and policies that have for decades maligned many communities, confining them to a vicious cycle of generational poverty. Liberating a country’s economic system gives the citizen’s the freedom to economic self-determination. It allows them the freedom to demand for better pay and benefits, which is critical in reducing poverty among working citizens. Additionally, I believe poverty and especially its reduction strategies should also be viewed from a progressive lens. Identifying vulnerable groups such women, children and other special interest groups and putting in place policy safeguards that will protect their social welfare is a progressive poverty reduction strategy.


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