Sample English Essays on Artists and Space

Prompt 1:

Richard Serra has perfected the art of using space through specializing in huge metal assemblies that are a representation of both concept of space and the cultural/ spiritual context. The designing of the Holocaust memorial remains the biggest project he has made possible. To him, space is the platform to establish the best of minimalists that also represent art and perfectionism of content.

Prompt 2:

The approach to designing an art is approached from various styles. For Serra, the inspiration is from other sculptures. Through looking at other sculptures allow a viewer to later be in awe at the details included in the construction and the representation it makes. Hamilton, on the other hand, is driven by the location chosen for an artistic piece. The location has an impact on the ability of the art to be seen differently by the viewers simple because its location is different or strategically located.

Lesson 2

Prompt 3:

Collier Schorr shows her enthusiasm in taking photographs and illustrations. Her response to the different actions and life events amuses her and she devotes her time and life to getting the best of shots (Soutter 14). The potraits are a representation of the changes in the society, but also the representations are a depiction of the changes in sexuality, nationality, and gender with the impact they have on identities.

Prompt 4:

Humor, loss, and desire are themes used in the definition of the concepts related to various artistic representations. Humor is exhibited in the artistic representation of Gabriel Orozco’s portraits that use the common objects to strike a new perspective or angle to them in the eye of the viewer. Eleanor Antin, on the other hand, integrates the aspect of loss and desire in her representations. Her capturing of the Greek culture is a piece that depicts both losses and desire for the wealth at the time.



Work Cited

Soutter, L. Why art photography? London: Routledge, 2018. 12-18. Print.