Sample English Discussion Paper on Basic Education


Basic education is important for survival in the modern economies. Attaining higher education is a fundamental achievement as it enables an individual to live a sustainable lifestyle. Unfortunately, higher education, specifically college level, falls outside the reach of many parents and guardians due to high tuition fees. I believe that college tuition in Texas should be free of charge as a way of promoting higher education in the United States.


Free college tuition is associated with numerous benefits to students as well as the surrounding communities. For example, free college tuition would improve the literacy levels of students with inadequate financial power to finance higher education. This would be achieved through a higher participation number of students. Moreover, an increased number of students in a higher learning institution would create employment opportunities both in the formal and informal recruitment categories.


On the other hand, free college tuition would degrade higher learning academic level due to an increased number of students. The free college tuition program will be funded by the tax payers. The endeavor will be facilitated through a tax revenue generation system, which is expected to cover all expenses required to cover the program. Most importantly, this program would be incorporated in the Texas Annual Budget, which will be serviced by the state government.

Positive Externality for the Society

Free college tuition would have an indirect impact on private academic institutions for higher learning in that they will be forced to reduce tuition fees. Such a development would be beneficial to the affected community since people would afford quality education from a private institutions. Free college tuition would affect education standards offered to students – who can afford the tuition fees – due to limited access of various learning resources.

Number of Students Enrolled in College

The total number of students enrolled in higher learning institutions upon the implementation of the free college tuition program would increase significantly. This is attributed to the fact that the program is likely to encourage high academic performance in the lower education categories and high school levels. Nevertheless, the increased number of students would also affect the level of quality education in higher learning institutions enrolled in the program since the demand for the service would surpass the available learning materials.  Degrading Education Value

Free College Tuition would degrade the overall value of education in higher learning institutions, mostly colleges. Over-utilization of academic facilitates – which leads to poor levels of education standards – constitutes a significant section of attributes that depict an increased number of college students. Learning equipment wear out quickly since the intended purpose – to serve a pre-determined number of students – is overlooked while providing additional services to the new students. For instance, a college school bus would wear out in a short duration as a result of the increased number of academic trips for different students in different academic departments

Improvement Areas

Cultural diversity should also be considered in the Free College Tuition as most students will come from diverse backgrounds. For instance, cultural differences which come up from religious discussions in informal setup promotes crime hate against discriminated communities. These are crucial areas of improvement if Free College Tuition is implemented in Texas as the security concerns of learning institutionsa would become complex and complicated