Sample English Application Letter on Babson College

Raised in a business oriented family, I knew my future would be in business. I was raised and groomed into our family business from a very tender age as I would tag along my parents as they went to work. My family owns a small plane business in Brazil which has been in our generation since my great grandfather founded it. He was a plane engineer in the army and his fascination for planes led him to start up the business with one of his college mates who was an entrepreneur. This motivated my interest in business in general and led me towards colleges with a good business foundation. Babson College remained the college of choice because of the many opportunities it presents.

Babson College once paid my school a visit leaving me fascinated with their length of activities and modes of teaching. Babson possesses the ability to link and build networks for their students with successful alumni that attended the school. This allows students to have firsthand consultants who have already ventured into the business world. Also, the school is small in size with a capacity of 2000 students. With this, students get one on one time with lecturers and create good professor-student relationship which helps in growth.

Their curriculum combines theory with practice whereby professors share their experiences since the belief that learning is a two-way street applies. Students also contribute their ideas which means here I get the opportunity to give all the ideas I obtained over the years in my family business. The innovative curriculum in the college allows students and professionals to engage in interdisciplinary education that helps in inspiring creativity, analytical thinking and ethical business practices. This is achieved through experiential learning whereby integrated cross-disciplinary programs are built for the benefit of students.

Like any other college, Babson bases its studies on textbooks, but casts a wider scope that goes beyond textbook applications. The stems of the innovative programs are planted on identification and creation of opportunities. The Foundation Management Experience for example is a mandatory course for all first year undergraduates. Here, students have the opportunity to launch and liquidate ideas and the proceeds from this donated to nonprofit organizations. This makes the college a learning and living laboratory where students always get the opportunity to research, pitch their ideas, and follow through with the help of professors. An entrepreneur is therefore groomed all round since there is an improvement and evolving experimental environment that teaches students to adapt. In the changing business world, one needs an engaging training program to prepare for future business ventures.

The above reasons make Babson College my first choice because I will have all the opportunities to tap on my business curiosity and feed my childhood dreams of going into business as a career. With the right tools obtained from the college, I will be in a position to mentor other students leave alone staring my own business or continuing with the family venture. At the end of the day, Babson College is the only college that I could relate with in terms of my future expectations in terms of career in the business world. I look forward to interacting with all the professors, students, and alumni that helps in molding students in preparation for business out of school.