Sample Education Reflection Paper on Five-Week Training Report

The five-week training on becoming an accounting and math tutor was one of the most effective courses I have had since completion of my degree. The instructor incorporated different approaches such as group work and provision of assignments to enhance our learning ability. During the program, I learned numerous techniques of being a tutor, such as how to adapt to the working environment, which involved becoming familiar with the work culture and making myself valuable. Additionally, time management and familiarization with one’s roles and responsibilities are helpful in adapting to a new working environment.

During the training, I learned the various ways of working with students to facilitate effective tutoring. For instance, I learned that developing common objectives and goals, personal assessments, and identifying potential areas of conflict in a class can promote cooperation among students. I also learned the different learning styles and study skills that play a role in the success of a learner. We were trained to focus on visual, physical, and aural learning and to make the learning process more student centered.

I was also able to gain knowledge in communication skills and positive reinforcement. These are two of the important aspects of tutoring as they involve using an appropriate language to enhance communication with the students. The teaching techniques also assist in breaking down intricate concepts into simple parts that can be explained to the students. An understanding of the differences among students and an awareness of challenging situations that can arise were among the topics that were discussed during the training period. Knowing the variations among the learners is critical in preventing discussion of controversial topics that might lead to confrontations in the classroom.