Sample Education Paper on Personal Statement or Information

Personal Information, Educational Background, Experience, Awards, Personal Skills, Activities

I developed interest in the finance industry early in my life. While I grew up and read, heard, and saw media reports about the economy and finance, I perceived professionals working in the sector as highly responsible and powerful, and their roles as highly essential. In school, learning about financial and accounting concepts such as bookkeeping, management of costs, calculations of profits and losses, and measurements, classifications, interpretations, processing, and communications of financial information made me realize the critical importance of accounting in the performance of enterprises and industries. This mindset influenced my interest and passion in the field, with the outcome of inspiration to pursue a career in the Accounting profession.

I travelled to the U.S. aiming to find a competitive course and institution to fulfill my dream. I chose the University of Alabama’s Culverhouse College of Commerce for my B.Sc. Degree in Commerce and Business Administration, majoring in Finance and specializing in Banking and Financial Services. I am graduating from the institution in August this year, with an overall GPA score of 3.023 out of 4. Alongside the Degree, I also have outstanding computer skills, with experience in the use of QuickBooks, Microsoft Excel, MS PowerPoint, and Ms Word. I am equally as fluent in Mandarin, the local language of my community in China, as in English.

In terms of professional experience, I worked as a Teaching Assistant at the Heart Touch Organization, located in Tuscaloosa, in Alabama, between January and May 2015. This role involved the responsibilities of providing assistance for students’ solutions of class problems, maintenance of order in the classroom, and teaching students Japanese and Chinese culture in activity involvements and PowerPoint presentations. I also served in the position of a salesclerk at a Walmart branch in Nanchang, China, between May and June 2013, in which my responsibilities included settling the accounts of all customers and summarizing the amounts of daily sales before sending the details to the finance department. I had leadership experience in the roles of Monitor and Math Representative at the No. 28 Primary School, no. 3 class, in Nanchang, between September 2000 and May 2004 and September 2002 and May 2004 respectively. Some of the responsibilities in these positions were supervision of the completion of homework, reporting directly to the math instructor and Head teacher, managing and recording class expenses, preparing for New Year’s Party, monitoring and maintaining order in self-study classes, and selection of members of the class management department.

My success in these responsibilities has reflected in the active levels of involvement that I have had and the honors and awards that I have received over the years. I have participated actively in the Mathematics Olympiad in high school in Linchuan and the Alabama Insurance Society at the University of Alabama as a Member, and won the responsibility of Class Monitor in primary school at Nanchang and become an Honor student at the University of Alabama.

My academic experiences, along with the professional competences that I have acquired in the commitments above, have strengthened my capacity to serve competently in the position of a financial specialist. I have acquired sufficient experience to understand the responsibility that a professional in financial management holds, in this way supplementing the passion that I have in the field. This is an important foundation for competence and productivity in the profession of a financial analyst.