Sample Education Paper on Parent Education

This assignment will address the relationship between caregiver and parent in an infant toddler program.  You will be examining the relationship aspect of partnering with parents more closely through a Teacher/Caregiver Interview.


The assignment will look specifically at the principles and practices employed through communication within the parent-caregiver relationship and will address the three caregiver stages of relating to parents: 1) Caregiver as “savior”, 2) Caregiver as “superior” to parent, 3) Caregiver as “partner” to parent.


Part One: (one-page typed minimum)

Please thoroughly read and review the components of chapter 14 in the course text to support your work in this assignment.  Using the course text, type a response to the following questions.


  1. What is parent education and involvement?
  2. How is parent education and involvement different if parents are partners instead of merely consumers of a childcare service?
  3. What are the stages of caregiver development in relating to parents and other family members (see above)? Provide a description for each of the three stages.
  4. Which stage is the stage to aim for and why?


Part Two: (one-page typed minimum)

Now that you have a foundation for understanding the three stages that caregivers go through in developing a relationship with parents, the next task in this assignment is to develop 6-8 interview questions you could ask an infant or toddler teacher during an interview. The goal is to determine which stage the teacher is in concerning his/her relationship with the parents of the children in the classroom. etc.


  • Make sure your interview questions are open ended and will garner a response that is not a single answer like, yes, not, sometime, etc.


  • Based on each interview question, considering what the response might be identify what stage the teacher might in. You do not have to include the possible response in the assignment.


  • Finally, if you were mentoring this teacher, what advice and/or strategies would you offer to make the parent-caregiver relationship even stronger?


Your paper is to use the following format: double-spaced, 12-font, one-inch margins.