Sample Education Paper on Music and movement plan

Music and movement plan
This assignment can be done by an individual or a group. Your goal for this assignment is to
create a cross-curricular unit plan that is themed around the elements of music and
movement, as well as associated skills, concepts, and/or compositions. Unit plans should
include two lessons for every group member. Individuals completing this assignment have
to complete two lessons. Each lesson must combine a unique element of music and
movement along with accompanying skills, concepts, or compositions. The same elements
must not be repeated across lessons unless they are in addition to a new music and
movement element. Cross-curricular examples: learning about rhythm and flow might be
used to enhance skill development in dribbling a ball or phonemic skills; exploring dynamics
and force might aid in students’ understanding and application of Newton’s Laws;
investigating form and shape might help students’ recognition and use of various poetry
forms or visual art properties; or applying concepts of harmony and relationships might
help strengthen students’ understanding of and appreciation for cultural diversity.
You may choose any subject areas to explore in these lessons. Each lesson plan should
• Grade Level
• Learning Targets from both curriculum documents
• Required Materials, Tools, and Technology
• Assessment
• Special Considerations (e.g., inclement weather, noise levels)
• Differentiation
• Cross-Curricular Connections
• Timeline
• Reflection; and
• Next Steps
Goals and objectives should be clearly stated at the beginning of each lesson. The structure
of the lesson should include an introduction that uses a hook to engage learners, informs
them of the intended learning outcome(s), and transitions smoothly into the body of the
lesson. The body should be comprised of thoughtful, logically structured activities which
aim to help learners make meaningful connections and develop the intended key skills and
achieve objectives. The conclusion of the lesson should re-examine the goals, gauge student
understanding, target misconceptions, and identify next steps.
If you have used a piece of music or a game/sport that I do not have please upload it as an
mp3 file and/or provide a web address where I can access it (e. g. YouTube).