Sample Education Paper on How Class Talk Contributes to EFL (English as a Foreign Language)

A research proposal (not more than 550 words excluding references and in the form of a narrative) for an empirical study. The following points should be included when writing a research proposal: The topic that you propose to research: This should consist of a clear outline of the research you wish to do. The research context: relate your proposed research to other work in its field or related fields and indicate in what ways your research will differ. The contribution that your work will make to the field: this is your chance to show how you have arrived at your position and recognized the need for your research and what it is that makes it both new and important. The methodology and methods to be used in your study: this section should describe the methods and methodology you propose to employ as well as a justification for the suitability of these methods in addressing your research topic. Practical Implication of the research (my personal tip: It\’s better to set the research context in a Chinese middle school or high school and the research method could be to conduct a case study in an EFL classroom in the above-mentioned settings where both the class talk — transcribed from class recordings into written forms, and students\’ corresponding writing skills are analyzed)