Sample Education Paper on functional behavior assessment

I concur with you that the practice of functional behavior assessment can assist in the determination of the rationale behind Sally’s conduct. This is because functional assessment enables one to figure out why a child behaves in a given manner and employs a range of methods to comprehend what is behind the unsuitable behavior. Understanding the reason behind a child’s improper actions may help the teacher to establish the best means of correcting them. Children’s behaviors serve a purpose and whether they are conscious of it or not, they act in a given way to realize the desired objective. In this case, I like your notion that Sally could be communicating her dislike of the teacher’s change to less preferred activities and that throwing the items on the floor shows that she was displeased and had no interest in art.  Where you stated that you are not sure why Sally was so angry with her classmate that she had to hit her, I believe that she was angry at her reception of the art material gladly and wondered why she appeared cheerful with such a distasteful lecture. To communicate her objective, Sally had to hit her classmate in an effort of disturbing her peace. I resonate with you that applying Antecedent Based Intervention with Sally would be effective in the mitigation of the inappropriate behavior while checking her outbursts prior to their occurrence. This approach will necessitate the teacher’s monitoring of consequences to ensure that she strengthens the replacement behavior while suppressing the problem behavior. On this note, the teacher would seek a more pleasant approach of switching subjects in class to avoid upsetting Sally.