Sample Education Paper on Elements of Music and the Elements of Movement

We have been learning about the Elements of Music and the Elements of Movement. These can be
found in the Music and Movement PowerPoint, the Music and Movement Element Connections
document that was handed out in class (also in D2L), and most likely in your notes. We have been
exploring these elements not only to understand them but also to make connections between them
so that we might better integrate them cross-curricularly into other subject areas.
Your task for this assignment is to:
1. Choose at least one Element of Music and one Element of Movement and combine these into
a cross-curricular lesson plan for future students. Make sure to connect both elements of
music and movement into one activity or idea.
2. Create a cross-curricular lesson plan that combines concepts and skills from both music and
movement. Be sure to demonstrate your knowledge and understanding of these concepts by
providing students with the opportunity to learn them through authentic experiences and to
see how they are connected and useful for building knowledge and skills. The concepts and
skills can be referenced from our time together in class or as identified from a Canadian
curriculum document.
3. Your lesson plan should include:
• Grade Level
• Learning Targets from a Canadian curriculum document and other applicable curriculum
• Required Materials, Tools, and Technology
• Assessment
• Special Considerations and/or differentiation
• Cross-Curricular Connections
• Timeline
• Reflection (what will you consider after the lesson is taught?)
• Next Steps (what will the next lesson look like?)
4. Lesson plans should include activities that are engaging. They should also consider the work of
Deci and Ryan (see beginning slides of Music and Movement PowerPoint).
5. Goals and objectives should be clearly stated at the beginning of the lesson. The structure of
the lesson should include an introduction that uses a hook to engage learners, informs them of
the intended learning outcome(s), and transitions smoothly into the body of the lesson. The
body should be comprised of thoughtful, logically structured activities, which aim to help
many learners make meaningful connections and develop the intended key skills and
outcomes. The conclusion of the lesson should re-examine the goals and gauge student
understanding and identify any misconceptions.
Note: You may reference literature and visit websites to gather ideas, but your lesson plan must
be unique and completely your own creation.
Please see the Making Connections Lesson Plan Rubric for a complete list of criteria for this