Sample Education Paper on effective communication

Communication is one of the most important skills you need to succeed in the workplace. Having a solid foundation of what effective communication is starts by being able to recognize it in action. This allows you to bridge the new information, strategies, and concepts you’re learning with your prior communication-related knowledge, skills, and abilities. In this assignment, you will draw on your personal experience related to highly effective communication and share what made it so successful.

Consider an experience in which you participated in or observed highly effective communication in a professional workplace environment.

Reflect on the following elements related to the experience:

Context surrounding the communication experience (e.g., corporate, educational, or global)
Use of communication technology (e.g., email, mobile, or social or workgroup system)
Ways the experience exhibited ethical or legal practices
Use of effective interpersonal communication skills

Write a minimum 275-word essay about the experience in which you:

Describe the type of communication, the context it was in, and how the communication demonstrated highly effective organizational communication.
Describe the use of technology or digital communication channels, including how they influenced the communication.
Explain how the communication aligned with ethical and legal practices.
Describe the interpersonal communication skills that were evident in the experience.

Note: If your experience did not incorporate any of the elements listed, write about how the experience could or should have included the elements.