Sample Education Paper on a formal proposal and presentation for a student support strategy

You will create a formal proposal and presentation for a comprehensive student support strategy at a theoretical institution. You may use any institutional profile as you create your proposal; however, it is important to be thorough and consistent in your institutional design so that your proposal is compatible with your stated institutional makeup. The completed proposal must include the following elements:


  1. A 1-page executive summary in BLUF (bottom line up front) format.
  2. A self-narrated PowerPoint presentation designed to span 10–15 minutes. The final slide should include your references (5 minimum) in current APA format.

*Note: if you are unable to use the “record audio” feature within PowerPoint due to a device limitation, you may type your intended text into the “notes” section as an alternative.


There is not a minimum slide requirement; however the presentation portion must cover the full array of services to be offered, and at a minimum, strategies for the following:


  • Facilitating new student onboarding
  • Providing academic support
  • Providing co-curricular support
  • Promoting student engagement
  • Approaching at-risk identification
  • Conducting at-risk intervention
  • Gaining Academic buy-in
  • Communicating mission internally and service availability externally


A minimum of 5 scholarly sources (including your textbook) must be used and should include relevant theories, researched best practices, and population-specific considerations.


Be sure to review the criteria on the Student Support Proposal Grading Rubric before beginning this assignment.