Sample Education Essays on The Four Phases of Transformational Coaching

Read the scenario below. After reading the scenario, respond to the prompts that follow academic language and APA citations as appropriate

Mr. Free Space comes to you and explains that the coach has been working with him on putting systems and instructional routines in place in his classroom. Mr. Free Space explains that he wants his class to be a place where students can be themselves and find that the suggestions of the coach “ hinder his students’ creativity”. Mr. Free Space asks you to conduct a peer observation of his class during your planning. While you are observing, you observe that the students are off task and often interrupt Mr. Free Space when he tries to speak. However, he doesn’t seem to mind the students interrupting him.

As you respond, consider the Four Phases of Transformational Coaching.

What are some ways you as teacher leaders can support the coach as she tries to coach Mr. Free Space on implementing systems and instructional routines?
What do you notice as Mr. Free Space’s teaching strengths?
What school-wide initiatives might benefit from Mr. Free Space?