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Technology in Education

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The article that supports the positive impacts of technology among learners is more credible than that which oppose technology in modern education. The number of technology devices available to children is growing in number. Access to digital devices is a common phenomenon as evidenced in countries like China and the U.S. Access to technology gadgets is improving education in distinct ways. For instance, children with access to digital devices are more exposed to new learning content than children with limited access to technology devices. Technology has become part of modern life in some countries. Consequently, learning through technology is a growing demand across the globe. In modern times, it is common to find online courses that are available to all people in the world. People’s quest for higher learning is facilitated by online courses that remotely award different academic certifications at varying levels like a diploma and degree levels. It is through familiarity with technology devices and websites that online learning has become a modern-day success in the technology sector. Tutoring is done online for children who have difficulties in some subjects. That is a service that has been promoted by the growth of technology in education.


Views of conservative people in modern society should not bar the growth of technology in education. There are some adults who condemn technology for its associated negative impacts on children. Social media sites, for instance, are condemned for spreading sexually explicit content to children under the age of 16. Most parents disapprove or limit access to the internet for their children. It should be noted that technology is becoming part of the modern-day lifestyle. As a result, conservative parenting that prohibits access to technology devices and websites should consider the transformational change. Technology, just like any other social transformation in a community, has its advantages and disadvantages. Technology in education is a positive impact in society and should be allowed to transform creative thinking among young learners.

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