Sample Education Essays on Rita Peirson’s Ted Talk

find& write 2 RLOs by reading the rubric. Could be any discipline,

1. By: Jillian Curry-Roberts

RLO Link

Rita Peirson: Every Kid Needs a Champion

Rita Pierson: Every kid needs a champion | TED

RLO Description

In this impactful and highly viewed Ted Talk, late educator, Rita Peirson inspires new and seasoned educators to champion for the success and growth of ALL students, no matter their background, challenges or contributions. Through advocacy, respect and genuine care educators are captivated by her passion to believe that they too can impact true change!

Context for RLO use

This digital resource is an amazing introduction to professional development opportunities highlighting relationship building and advocacy tactics for teachers and parents. Through engagement strategies and passion Ms. Peirson inspires educators to look beyond the surface when interacting and teaching students. As a future school administrator, I aspire for my teachers and staff to embrace ALL students rather than just tolerating them. This video is the perfect intro to building authentic relationships and showing students that we are on their team, the foundation for building a successful school.

Rationale for RLO Selection

When reflecting on Papas’ (2021) nine characteristics of RLO, this video directly touches multiple aspects. First, Reita Peirson’s Ted Talk is tech-centered. With an easy way to “store, curate, and update” the video, it is a more convenient way to support professional learning strategies while accessing content from anywhere at any time. Additionally, there are methods for replaying specific portions of You Tube videos through the use of google slides or editing software.

Furthermore, the Ted Talk above can be used for more than one purpose. This video can be used as a “cost-effective” way to substitute live speakers, and can be implemented with multiple professional development opportunities surrounding school culture and climate, relationship building, culturally responsive teaching, advocacy, and many more. For this reason, this resource can be altered to fit whatever development is needed at the moment.

Finally, Rita Peirson’s Ted Talk supports its own learning objectives. As a resource that can stand on its own, it doesn’t need to rely on any other resource to drive the objective home for educators and parents. In fact, this digital resource can serve as an extremely convenient pop-up PD that can even be emailed out through a staff communication or shared at the beginning or end of a staff meeting without the need for any accompanying resources.


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Rita Pierson: Every kid needs a champion | Ted – YouTube. (n.d.). Retrieved June 6, 2022, from

Example 2:

ROL link:

ROL Description:

The site contains learning of many different programming languages, such as HTML, CSS, PYTHON, etc. The website provides examples of each step, and beginners can learn and practice related content through the website.

Context of ROL:

Take learning HMTL as an example. When teachers teach code to beginners, teachers can make learning plans through different modules and use the exercise examples on the website to let students practice.

The rationale for ROL Selection:

This website satisfies almost all 9 characteristics that Christopher Pappas needs to consider. This is an HTML-based website that can be easily accessed from various devices (Tech-Centered); Test/Quiz/exercises can be created based on web modules and references (Multipurpose); Each module has its own small learning objective support and the goal of supporting teachers to help students master the code (Support it own learning objectives); Metadata can be collected by displaying website images on the learning management system (Contain metadata); website content is clear and easy to adapt (Easily Adaptable); Text content can be displayed in any learning management system as a standard (Cohesive); Code can be easily displayed on any LMS (Compatible); Interface content is not complicated ( Bite-sized eLearning content).


Pappas, C. (2016, September 18). Developing reusable learning objects: 9 characteristics to consider.