Sample Education Essays on issues of corporal punishment

Chapter Ten discusses issues that, if challenged, can result in personal liability charges against school administrators, both assistant principals and principals, superintendents, and school boards. These include corporal punishment, discipline, suspension of children from school, child abuse, and issues of sexual harassment. School administrators who impose corporal punishment may be charged with child abuse and placed on a state registry for child abuse. Those who suspend students without meeting specific criteria can be sure of violations of procedural and substantive due process, and those who fail to act in incidents of sexual harassment in violation of Title IX regulations can be sued for monetary damages. Violations in some instances can also result in the suspension or revocation of the teaching certificate.

1. Consider these questions. As an assistant principal, how vulnerable do you believe you might be? How confident are you in the legality of the decisions you make regarding discipline? What steps will you take in issues of corporal punishment, suspensions, and sexual harassment to assure that you avoid liability for violations of the law or students’ rights? What GA resources are available to you to guide your actions?