Sample Education Essays on How a Scholarship Will Impact My Life


A $3,000 scholarship will immensely contribute to achieving my long term goals in life. Coming from a background that cannot afford the current cost of higher education has been challenging for my family. There are many students whose lives have changed all because they were awarded scholarships and I believe that being awarded a scholarship of $3000 will positively impact my life and help me soar.

Financial benefit

Having financial support will ensure that I gain quality educational experience. The scholarship will relieve the financial pressure on my shoulders since I won’t have to worry much about applying, and paying students’ loans while pursuing my education. With the $3000 I won’t have to divide my time between studies and getting a job to pay for my tuition fees.  The financial aid will help cover study-related costs such as tuition fee, accommodation, cost of living in school, and pay for textbooks. With such an opportunity, I intend to rise high and pursue my career ambitions fearlessly despite my poor background. I anticipate pursuing medicine as a profession and becoming a doctor. As a doctor, I will offer help to people who live in impoverished regions across the globe.

Employment opportunities

Having the scholarship included in my CV could improve my chances of being employed. This can be attributed to the idea that potential employers will take not that I am a dedicated student who worked hard to get a scholarship.



In conclusion, being awarded this scholarship will ensure that I complete my studies and consequentially I can focus on long term goals such as being a medical practitioner and not struggle with employment and my college studies. I hope that I will be awarded the $3000 scholarship as this will help me focus on my studies.



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