Sample Education Essays on Homeland Security

I agree with the first response that terrorists undertake some activities with the aim of taking advantage of the responses by the affected countries. It is a calculated move aimed at raising the affected countries emotions. Terrorists are well aware that when they attack the country, it will retaliate. They then use this as a weapon by showing how bad the affected country is, and spreading propaganda and false information to discredit peaceful nations who are only responding due to attacks on their people. When a country is affected by a terror attack, it will try to eliminate the threat using different strategies and approaches, but they will follow a particular pattern which terrorist predict in advance. The first response has provided an excellent example of the response to 9/11. It seemed to be a calculated move by the terrorists who knew that the United States would respond to the attack, hence playing into the hands of these terrorists. They take advantage of a country’s moment of weakness to try to paint it as the evil element in the society.

I would also agree with the second response that human beings cannot be regarded as naturally peaceful species. History shows that in one way or another a section of the world will be at loggerheads with another due to different reasons. The respondent as provided examples to support the assertion made in the response. We cannot ignore the fact that history is full of instances where different sections of the world fought against each other due to reasons such as land and different ideologies among others. Even in the present world, people are faced with a lot of conflicts hence showing that it would be unusual to lack conflicts.