Sample Education Essays on Future Ambitions and Goals

Studying for a Masters of Business Administration (MBA) has always been my dream since childhood. Currently, I am in possession of an Economics major from my alma mater, Utah University, which enabled me to secure a payroll management job at Evans Grader and Paving Company. I am presently focused on advancing my career and thus completing an MBA program is perfectly aligned with both my career and life goals.

My main goal in my professional life is to expand my knowledge and understanding of business management by specializing in the domain of Information Technology (IT). An MBA program will present me with the opportunity to expand my knowledge of management and more so my understanding of the relation of IT and business administration. With a career in payroll management, that requires a proper understanding of both administration and IT concepts, I believe that an MBA with a specialization in IT management is the best suitable program for my future goals and ambitions. Completing an MBA program in IT management will enable me to understand the intricacies of payroll management particularly in huge firms with several employees. This knowledge will enable me to harmonize the payroll operations at Evans Grader and Paving Company and adopt and synchronize modern trends of IT management with the company’s operations.

Completing an MBA program is in line with my goal of achieving the growth and development of my management career. I have always dreamed of building on my academic qualifications and work experience in order to further my career. I believe that by completing an MBA program I will have the requisite qualifications, know-how, and experience to move into a senior management position at Evans Grader and Paving Company. Advancing to the role of a senior manager at the Evans Grader and Paving Company is a dream I have harbored since I first secured my current job as a payroll manager in the firm. Moreover, completing the MBA program will provide me with numerous opportunities for expanding my business and professional networks. In the contemporary corporate environment, networking expands the scope of an individual’s understanding and relations within the business field and is therefore essential in the development of one’s career. Thus, completing an MBA program will provide me with numerous opportunities for growing and furthering my payroll management career.

Studying for an MBA will equip me with the relevant skills needed to start and efficiently manage my own company from scratch. I have a goal of starting a company of my choice from scratch and developing it to greater heights. This not only requires financial capital but also a firm background in business administration and management. Completing an MBA program will enable me to develop all-round skills required for the efficient operation and management of a startup. Since most MBA programs cover units on entrepreneurship, marketing, human resource, and even accounting completing the course will enable me to have a grasp of the core fundamentals of operating my own business.

Completing an MBA program is central to my future goals and ambitions. My goals of advancing my management knowledge and career and investing in a startup company depend on the enhanced knowledge and understanding of business operations that are related to completing an MBA. Therefore, completing an MBA is at the core of my future career and life plans.



Personal Attributes

I have several unique attributes that make me the ideal candidate for completing an MBA program. These personal attributes demonstrate my high potential for success in the MBA program if granted the opportunity to enroll and partake in it. First, I am a hard-working individual who is always focused on giving his best in every situation. My hard work is demonstrated not only in my past academic record but also in my career development. Through hard work and dedication to my studies, I was able to graduate with an Economics major from Utah University which is considered one of the best in the world. My hard work is self-evident in my career at Evans Grader and Paving Company where I have risen through the ranks in a few years from a junior employee to my current position as a payroll manager. I believe that my hard-working nature will enable me to not only complete my MBA in time but also graduate with honors at the end of the program.

I am also a highly motivated individual, which sets me apart as an ideal candidate for completing an MBA program. The average MBA program is detailed and intensive and therefore requires highly motivated individuals ready to sacrifice both their time and resources for the successful attainment of the degree. I am highly motivated and driven by the need to achieve my life and career goals addressed above. The desire to achieve my goals motivates me in the performance of my daily actions and is integral to the progress I have made both in my personal and professional lies. Moreover, my high motivation attribute enables me to embrace challenges and hurdles and I believe that this mindset will enable me to complete the MBA program if given an opportunity.

Another quality that I believe differentiates me from other potential candidates for the completion of the MBA program is my ability to embrace and thrive in a diverse environment. Originally from South Korea, I made my transition into the county during the fulfillment of my bachelor’s Economics program at Utah University. My exceptional ability to embrace and thrive in a diverse environment made up of individuals hailing from diverse regions and cultures enabled me to perform exceptionally well in my undergraduate studies. Moreover, the attribute also enabled me not only to secure a job at Evans Grader and Paving Company but also to perform exceedingly well in my responsibilities as a payroll manager. I, therefore, believe that my ability to embrace diversity will contribute immensely towards my completion of the MBA program if given the opportunity to participate.

I am also a flexible individual; a quality that enables me to balance effectively my personal life, work, and education. The attribute of flexibility is essential for the successful completion of an MBA program as most individuals partaking in the course are either employed or have demanding family life. Flexibility will enable me to properly balance my MBA studies, professional engagements, and personal life. This will provide me with ample time to study and fulfill all the requisite requirements needed for the completion of the MBA program without affecting my personal or professional commitments.

My personal attributes of hard work, flexibility, embracing diversity, and high motivation make me an ideal candidate for engaging and completing an MBA program. Therefore, I sincerely hope that my MBA application will be given proper consideration as the program is not only in line with my attributes but also key to the attainment of personal goals and ambitions.