Sample Education Essays on Family and Community Engagement role with at KIPP Massachusetts

Congratulations on advancing to the next round for the Family and Community Engagement role with us at KIPP Massachusetts! We are excited to get to know you better in the coming weeks. These exercises will help us better understand how you approach family and community engagement. There is not a single “right answer” to the tasks outlined here, instead, this is an opportunity for us to see your strengths and where you may need support.

Task 1:

Data results from a recent staff survey revealed that only 60% of staff agreed or strongly agreed that their schools encourage and help families support learning at home. Draft a project plan for how you would address this area of growth.


Task 2:

The Family and Community Engagement (FACE) Team sends monthly 1-2 page newsletters as a way to share information about family councils, family working groups, events, and resources from the school and the community, and introduces families to each other by including a family spotlight in the newsletter. Design a content-focused newsletter for the month of February.


Task 3:

Pretend it is the week of May 21, 2023. You have a few meetings scheduled for this week. There are also upcoming deadlines for various tasks approaching and upcoming events you are planning. Use the information below to create your schedule for the week in this spreadsheet. Parts of the schedule are pre-filled for you. We have two campuses in Lynn, one on High Rock St. (K-8) and one on Wheeler St. (9-12). Keep this in mind when determining your location(s) for each day on your schedule. A typical work week is 45 hours. Completing the notes and to-do section at the bottom of the schedule are optional.


Upcoming Deadlines:

  • 5/26: Draft FACE Newsletter
  • 5/29: Data analysis for Beginning of the Year and End of the Year ESOL Placement tests
  • 5/30: End of Year Family Survey Closes (Current completion rate: 62% Goal: 80%+)
  • 6/2: Draft of Family Advocacy Week events


Upcoming Events:

  • 5/31: Co-Host Community Resource Night at the High School with Assistant Principals
  • 5/30: Leading for Racial Justice Professional Development. Estimated time to complete pre-work ~1.5 hours