Sample Education Essays on Education and the Quality Of Life

Education is described as the practice that leads to freedom and opportunities for individuals who don’t have them. This practice helps through imparting knowledge to people and helps in shaping people’s future. Mayo explains Friere’s ideas which propose that education helps through triggering questions in the mind of the individual. These questions motivate, trigger the curiosity of human beings to understand the different phenomena that exist on earth. Through further technological changes that occur in the world today, education has taken another course as technological advances affect the sector. This essay explains the various positions technology has affected education and how it looks to improve the way of life of human beings. Education technology has created significant changes that help in improving life.

Background Material

Technology has clearly transformed over the last few decades as the investments in education technology continue to increase.  According to Escueta et al. (2017), the changes in the education sector run from digital learning platforms to online courses, making the education sector quite potent. The different technologies have changed from using emails to send assignments to students to the availability of media in which online learning takes place.  Computer-assisted learning has advanced as technology helps in supporting the education system. Changes like the use of Google classroom and other advanced platforms have made learning accessible to children, especially long-distance learners. Through these advancements, more people are receiving a quality education, and alternately, better opportunities are opening up for them.

Educational technology is traceable since the emergence of wall paintings and different advancements keep emerging as technology advances. Education is known as the basis of societal development and improves the standard of living. By increasing productivity and labour skills, it allows individuals to pursue different avenues in life. Various scholars have different views on the impact of education on the life of people. The multiple reviews have provided different perspectives on the need for education and the role it plays in ensuring the lives of people improve for the better.  Education technology has helped in the improvement of life. It has helped students access education through newer ways used to help them access education material easier.

Analysis of Educational Technology

Education technology has helped in improving the technology of quality education. Anikeeva et al. (2019) state that the advancement of Information Technology has developed methods for senior citizens to learn and improve their lives. In the article, they explain how the use of IT has helped in the extension of professional activity and helps improve their lives significantly. The idea of IT helping the education system has proven to be accurate as more people turn to the technological advancements for help in gaining more knowledge. The advancement in IT tools has helped improve how individuals acquire knowledge and help in the improvement of living standards. Education technology allows in the understanding of the different concepts and approaches to life.

There is a rare approach to education and how it affects the life of the people given by educational technology.  The technology sector has impacted learning by changing the analogue modes of teaching to digital modes by increasing student engagement methods which help in explaining different phenomenon (Ganimian et al.).  Standardized instructions and other practice opportunities have been developed to help students in communication and access to information. Though these measures the education technology has helped the students understand the different concepts of life by providing information and helping them understand how other people and cultures live. The access to information helps ensure that the people are well informed.

Awareness and opportunities are begotten from education and its development.  Different economic options are acquired by academic knowledge. Educational technology has helped in improving learning opportunities for people. Learners have access to the material necessary regardless of their age hence improving the living standards of the different people. Low levels of education can lead to low opportunities and hence low standards of living. There is, therefore, a correlation between education technology and improved living standards are high. The awareness provided by educational technology tools helps in ensuring that education is provided. However, various quotas and students can assess the materials quickly.


Education technology impacts the lives of people differently. The use of technological tools in helping learners in their education has had significant improvements in the sector. However, through the advancement in technology, different problems arise to counter the benefits. Education technology helps students cheat in examinations and pay less attention to their classes. These aspects reduce the quality of education and make it difficult for the people to improve their lives. An analogous system of learning helps in keeping the quality of education. Still, with the digital system, it is hard to maintain these standards. These challenges counter the effects of educational technology as more tools are developed to help students overcome the difficulties of learning. These counter the benefits of education technology on life and how it affects life improvement.


Interpretation of education technology and its effect on life is an essential topic for students and educators alike. It helps in the understanding of life and how it affects the different aspects of life. By understanding how to work with educational tools, and how they affect the lives of people, the quality of life and education is improved. These aspects of improvement help in adjusting the delivery and in return, will enhance the quality of life. Knowledge of education and educational tools that will help in improving the quality of life helps understand how people can have different influences on how these aspects affect their lives. Education is significant in the development of a person and a country in general. The improvement of labour skills and education help make society more inclined to look at technological advancements that will help in increasing the chancing a good life in the view of the people.


Through technology, education helps in the improvement of life. The story of education technology can be traced far back, and it continues to evolve. As technology continues to evolve over time, so does the education sector as we tools are innovated to help with the delivery of messages. Access to information and newer and improved ways of learning has led to enhancements in the education sector which impact the individuals differently. Improvement of labour skills and enhanced living standards are some of the results noted in the provisions of education. Despite these benefits, technological tools have other adverse effects that affect the education sector negatively. It is important to note that education technology is vital for people to learn as it helps in the understanding of the various life aspects found in the world and how they come about. In conclusion, the technology used in education must be noted as they help in the improvement of life.


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